About the Science

Science is a Team Effort

The San Diego Coastal Expedition is a student-led research cruise that will explore the health and expand our knowledge of local waters. Major research tasks are to assess the sensitivity of San Diego’s marine communities to a changing ocean climate and explore for cold seeps. There is concern of a changing oxygen and carbon dioxide climate along San Diego’s seafloor. Low oxygen and high carbon dioxide levels can limit the presence of life and there is evidence that low oxygen that originates at great depths is impinging onto our shelf. 

Through this research expedition, Scripps Institution of Oceanography students are exploring the sensitivity of marine communities to these changes in oxygen and carbon dioxide to project the seafloor community structure and functioning in the future. The San Diego Coastal Expedition will address a number of scientific questions from a range of disciplines. 

Meet the Science Teams

We have four science teams involved, all of which play a key role in the the success of this research cruise: