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14 San Diego 恒例日本語スピーチコンテスト

14th Annual San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
registration 12:30 pm
Carlsbad Public Library Auditorium
1775 Dove Lane, Carlsbad, CA 92011-4048

Mrs. Hisako Coox, founder of Speech Contest in San Diego, former president of Japan-US Center

Schedule of Event

12:30  Registration

1:05   Opening


Ms. Holly Sinclair, Master of Ceremonies


Greetings from San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest Committee2011:

     Ms. Fumiko Tachibana

 Introduction of Special Guests and Judges:

     Consul Makoto Hirose, Consulate-General of Japan, Los Angeles
     Ms. Kyoko Shoji, Notre Dame High School, Los Angeles
     Dr. Eiko Ushida, School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UCSD, Head Judge

 Announcement of awards: Consul General's Special Awards and other awards

Announcement of judging criteria: Dr. Eiko Ushida

 1:30 Speeches

First Category (High School) Competition (names listed in alphabetical order)

1.  Spencer Quinlan Dant スペンサー・ダント (Mt. Carmel High School)


2.  Zoe Marie Fox  ゾーイ・フォックス (San Dieguito Academy)

    「牛乳パック」"Milk Cartons"

3.  Estell Frances Grissom  エステル・グリッサム (Mission Hills High School)

    「新しい学校で」 "My First Days of New School"

4.  Sunhye Lee  ソンヘ・リー (Otay Ranch High School)
 「アメリカの高校と韓国の高校」"High Schools in the U.S. and Korea”

5.  Sarah Humiko Maple  
サラ・メープル (Hilltop High School)

    「過去と現在と未来」"Past, Present, and Future”

6.  Kathryn Ann Matteotti  ケイトリン・マティオティ (Hilltop High School)

    「かぞくのれきし」 "My Family History"

7.  Jake Takeo Plasse  ジェイク・プラス (San Dieguito Academy)

    「日本語のクラス」 "Japanese Class”

8.  Weslesy Rodriguez  ウエスリー・ロドリゲズ (Hilltop High School)

    「僕のお祖父さん」 "My Grandfather”

9.  Sarah Yeseul Yi  サラ・イ (University High School)
  「愛する人が亡くなるということ」 "Losing Someone that You love”

Intermission (5 minutes)

Second Category (College/University) Competition

11.  Kyle DelCarmen カイル・デルカーメン (University of San Diego)

   「私の友達は一番」“My Friends are the Best” (no show)

Martel Daryl DuBose  マーテル・デュボス (Miracosta College)

   「きみの赤い髪」“Your Red Hair”

13.  Joshua Sean Dunn  ジョシュア・ダン (San Diego State University)
「便利な日本 “Convenient Japan” 

14.  Tadd Gonzalez Esquivel  タッド・エスキヴェル (Palomar College)

   「いつか、世界を見たい」“One Day, I Want to See the World”

15.  William Andrew Griffin  ウィリアム・グリフィン (University of San Diego)
「競技会の教訓と人生」“Life and Lessons of Competition” (no show)

16.  Heather Rocca  ヘザー・ロッカ (Palomar College)
「わすれない」“I Won’t Forget”

17.  Daniel Charles Sinclair ダニエル・シンクレア (Palomar College)
「ビールを愛する」“I Love Beer”

18.  Logan Conrad Wiedenhoffer  ローガン・ウィーデンホッファー (Palomar College)
「風の心」“Heart of the Wind”

19.  Mark Taylor Wolcott  マーク・ウルカッ (Grossmont College)
「冨田勲という音楽家」Isao Tomita

3:45  Intermission

4:15 Announcement of Winners:

General Comments from Dr. Eiko Ushida

Special Awards: Best Effort, Most Creative, Penmanship and Humor presented by: Ms. Kyoko Shoji

3rd place and 2nd place presented by: Dr. Eiko Ushida

14th Japanese Speech Contest Consul General's Special Award presented by: Consul Makoto Hirose

4:45 Closing Remarks: Consul Makoto Hirose

Photo Session with all contestants, judges, teachers, volunteers and all
Stay with us with Mr. Lyle Hall, our contest photographer.

Please return the flowers and volunteer’s name plates back to the table.

Thank you!



Thank you for all of your help in making this event so enjoyable and successful.

Special thanks to the following individuals: (Arranged alphabetically)



Mr. Jared Amerman, Ms. Nobuko Baum, Ms. Tina Chan, Mr. Lyle Hall, Ms. Rebecca Hirata, Consul Makoto Hirose, Ms. Xannay Hollander,
Dr. Ryu Kitajima, Ms. Toshiko Kusano, Ms. Tomomi Matsukawa, Dr. Bryan Musicar, Mr. Yukio Noda, Ms. Minako Oskay, Ms. Hiro Otsuka,
Ms.Eriko Shoji, Ms. Kyoko Shoji, Mr. Daniel Sinclair, Ms. Holly Sinclair, Mr. Yuki Suminokura, Ms. Fumiko Tachibana, Ms. Hiroko Takagi,
Mr. Akira Takahashi, Ms. Rie Tsuboi, Ms. Yukiko Tsuboi, Ms. Sato Umabe, Dr. Eiko Ushida, Ms. Eriko Uyesugi, Mr. Logan Wiedenhoffer,
Ms. Uzuki Yamazaki, and many other people.


Special thanks to the following organizations:

San Diego Yuyu,   JPT America,   Cheng & Tsui,   SONY,   IACE TRAVEL,   San Diego – Japan Marketing Services,   Ito Insurance and Classique Awards.

Special thanks to all friends who came to cheer up the contestants!!


Thank you! See you next year!

March 27th, 2011





PDF program distributed attached below.



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