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Tachibana Language Center
Consulate General of Japan, Los Angeles
San Diego County Japanese Speech Contest Committee


13 San Diego 恒例日本語スピーチコンテスト
San Diego Region 13th Annual Japanese Speech Contest

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Balboa Park Club Santa Fe Room,

2150 Pan American Road West, San Diego




Mrs. Hisako Coox
founder of Speech Contest in San Diego
former president of Japan-US Center

Schedule of Event                       


8:50   Registration

9:10   Opening

            Ms. Kazuyo Lee, Master of Ceremony

            Greetings from San Diego Region Japanese Speech Contest Committee:

                        Ms. Fumiko Tachibana, Director

            Introduction of Special Guests and Judges:

                        Consul Makoto Hirose, Consulate-General of Japan, Los Angeles

                        Ms. Kyoko Shoji, Notre Dame High School, Los Angeles       

                        Dr. Eiko Ushida, University of California, San Diego, IR/PS, Head Judge

            Announcement of awards:

                        Consul General's Special Awards and other awards

            Announcement of judging criteria:  

                       Dr. Eiko Ushida

9:30 Speeches                               

First Category (High School) Competition (names listed in alphabetical order)

1.  Katherine Joanne Joplin キャサリン・ジョプリン 「ゲイリブ」 "Gay Liberation"

    San Dieguito Academy  

2.  Michelle Kao ミシェル・カオ 「私の夢」 "My Dream"

    Torrey Pines High School

3.  Elly Kim エリー・キム 「人それぞれの光」"Shining as Individuals"

    Torrey Pines High School

4.  Caleb Patrick Lucas ケイレブ・ルカース 「何で日本語を勉強していますか」"Why

    Japanese?" Rancho Buena Vista High School

5.  Daisy Mae Elizaga Mercado デイジー・マーカド 「成功とは何でしょうか」 "What is

    Success?" Otay Ranch High School

6.  Cambria Janell Neal キャンブリア・ニール 「アメリカと日本のゲームショー」 "Game

    Shows in America and Japan" Peach Tree Learning Academy

7.  Keith A Ressler キース・レスラー「日本旅行」 "Trip to Japan"

    Eastlake High School

8.  Megan Contreras Santos メーガン・サントス 「音楽は心から来るもの」 "Music Comes

    from the Heart" Otay Ranch High School

9.  Dylan Venuti Yokoyama ディラン・ヨコヤマ 「言語の力」 "The Power of Language"

    San Dieguito Academy  

Intermission (10 minutes)

Second Category (College/University) Competition                     

10.  canceled.

11.  Amelia Leeann Dominguez アメリア・ドミンゲス  感謝」 “Gratitude”

    Palomar College

12.  Ariel Brooke Hall アリエル・ホール  日本でのホームステイのけいけん」 “My

     Homestay Experience in Japan” University of San Diego

13.  Aaron T. Jones アーロン・ジョーンズ 「 戦争のない世界」 “A World Without War”

    MiraCosta College

14.  Amanda Leigh Kirchhoff アマンダ・カークホフ  サルサの世界」 “The World of

     Salsa” Palomar College

15.  William Hiroshi Lee リー・博志 「ごうにいれば、ごうにしたがえ」 “When in Rome,

     Do as the Romans Do” University of San Diego

16.  Paul Jacob Megna ポール・メグナ  大統領猫」 “President Cat”

     Palomar College

17.  Jarin Edmonson-John McClinton ジャリーン・マクリントン 「スノーボードに対する

     愛」 “My Love for Snowboarding” University of San Diego

18.  Jaime Marie Pinckard ジェーミー・マリー・ピンカード  俳句:宇宙を持っている」

     “Haiku - Carrying the Universe” Palomar College

19.  Heather Nicole Rocca ヘザー・ロッカ  三つの同じ文化」 “Three Cultural Mirror

    Images” Palomar College

20. Yoshikazu Tumangan ヨシカズ・ツマンガン「 日本でのけいけん」 “My experience

    in Japan” University of San Diego

11:45  Music and Dance  (Light lunch is served)

          Songs and Guitar: Don Quinn with his students

          Koto and Japanese Dance: Reiko Obata and Kazumi

             Soranbushi-Dance: Hilltop High School: Amanda Shepherd,Maddison Schaefer, Mitchell Pfitzmaier, Vincent Gonsalves Erik Fredrickson; Mors High School:  Jazmine Elmon,James Davis, Alice Tio, Anthony Garcia Midori Mondragon;  Eastlake High School: Phong Do, Althea Solis, Tricia Mendoza, Victoria Pelston, Sarah Vianna, Emerson Dorsey

12:50 Announcement of Winners:

            General Comments from Dr. Eiko Ushida

            Special Awards: Best Effort, Most Creative, Penmanship and Humor presented by: Ms. Kyoko Shoji
            3rd place and 2nd place presented by: Dr. Eiko Ushida

            13th Japanese Speech Contest Consul General's Special Award presented by: Consul Makoto Hirose

1:10 Closing Remarks: Consul Makoto Hirose

Photo Session with all contestants, judges, teachers, volunteers and all

Thank you so much for all of your help in making our event so enjoyable and successful. Special thanks to the following people:

San Diego YuYu-News

Mrs. Mitsuyo Fukuda, Ms. Annelle Kazumi Gregory, Ms. Toshiko Hasegaewa, Ms. Rebecca Hirata, Consul Makoto Hirose, Ms. Masayo Isogai, Ms. Toshiko Kusano, Ms. Kazuyo Lee, Dr. Bryan Musicar, Mr. Yukio Noda, Ms. Reiko Obata, Ms. Minako Oskay, Mr. Don Quinn, Ms. Eriko Shoji, Ms. Kyoko Shoji, Ms. Fumiko Tachibana, Ms. Hiroko Takagi, Ms. Rie Tsuboi, Ms. Sato Umabe, Dr. Eiko Ushida, Ms. Eriko Uyesugi

Students Volunteers: Joshua Dunn, Jade Galope, James Finamore, Lyle Hall, Xannay Hollander, Michael Heng Kert, Cambria Neal, Jaime Marie Pinckard, Wataru Ohtsubo, Tyson Suzuki, Jeff Torres, Ai Yabuzaki, Uzuki Yamazaki,
Amanda Shepherd, Maddison Schaefer, Mitchell Pfitzmaier, Vincent Gonsalves Erik Fredrickson, Jazmine Elmon,James Davis, Alice Tio, Anthony Garcia Midori Mondragon, Phong Do, Althea Solis, Tricia Mendoza, Victoria Pelston, Sarah Vianna, Emerson Dorsey (Salutations omitted)


All friends and families who came to cheer up the contestants!!
Thank you! ありがとう!

March 21st, 2010


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