2019 Membership Options                                             
(Family with kids Enrolled in Marathi Shala gets 10% discount)

San Diego Maharashtra Mandal (SDMM) is an organization striving to unite local Marathi community by hosting a variety of programs every year. It is our extended Marathi affiliated family in San Diego. It is a strong platform by us, for us. 

Why membership?
SDMM is a nonprofit organization run solely by volunteers.

Membership is a channel through which SDMM committee can fund quality programs and try to implement new ideas. Expenses for hosting events, maintaining SDMM website, buying new A/V equipment, renting storage are covered by Membership contributions and Sponsor donations.

SDMM annual membership is a medium to show dedication to our community.

SDMM hosts various events this year. These are a variety of events including traditional festival celebrations, performances by professional artists from India and within the USA, showcasing Marathi movies and natak, 5k runs and picnic etc. It not only gives us an opportunity to celebrate the rich culture and heritage we grew up with but also provides the same cultural experience to our children.

जास्तीत जास्त परीवारांनी मराठी मंडळाच्या सभासदत्वाचा लाभ घेऊन, आपली मराठी संस्कृती पुढे नेण्यात हातभार लावावा ही नम्र विनंती.

- SDMM Committee