SDIS Membership

We invite you to join our friendly Society. We generally meet the second Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Youths are also very welcome to participate in all activities.  
If you have friends and neighbors who love irises, bring them to our meetings so they may see what we are all about -- admiring and promoting iris and iris culture.  They may want to join our group and join in the fun.

Our meetings feature a variety of cultural programs and guest speakers, and you will learn all you need to know to grow beautiful irises.

San Diego Iris Society (SDIS) Membership
  • Joining the SDIS costs only $5.00 per year per household
  • Benefits of joining the SDIS include:
    • Attend all meetings and special events
    • Vote on all local issues
    • Receive the monthly SDIS newsletter by email or mail
  • Renewal date is July 1st of each year  Click here to join the San Diego Iris Society.
Please click on the PRINT MEMBERSHIP FORM button to download and print the membership form, then mail the completed form with your check made out to S.D.I.S. for $5.00 to:
Andy Church - SDIS Membership Chairman
315 Galloway Valley Road Alpine CA 91901
Tel. (619) 672-2217

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at SDISEDITOR@GMAIL.COM


American Iris Society (AIS) Membership

Visit the AIS website for more information on the benefits of joining the American Iris Society.

AIS Membership

Benefits of membership in the American Iris Society include a subscription to the AIS Bulletin. 
The AIS Bulletin is published four times per year
You may also choose to participate in events such as local AIS sanctioned iris shows
the annual AIS Convention. 




 to join the AIS now!

American Iris Society (AIS) Membership Rates: (applicable to USA, Canada and Mexico)
$30.00, Single, annual$70.00, Single, triennial$1000.00, Single, lifetime
$35.00, Dual, annual$85.00, Dual, triennial$1500.00, Dual, lifetime
Emembership - $15.00 Annual, no printed Bulletin, online Bulletin viewing, access to the online Irisregister database of registrations and introductions
*Senior Life (age 65+): 15% discount. (For Dual Senior Life, both members must be 65 or older.) 15% Senior Discount applies only to Life Membership.
Youth Rates (under Age 19) (see details provided below)
Youth without Bulletin $8.00
Youth with Bulletin $12.00
American Iris Society (AIS) Overseas Membership Rates: (applicable to all other countries) 
$35.00, Single, annual$75.00, Single, triennial
$40.00, Dual, annual$90.00, Dual, triennial