To maximize the opportunity for high quality outdoor recreation on the public lands of San Diego County for the constituents of he SDCWF's 
member organizations.


I - To maximize outdoor recreational opportunities in connection with wildlife and other natural resources by educating, informing and motivating the public and our elected officials.

II - To protect and advance the interests of horseback riding, hiking, hunting, angling, shooting sports, falconers, and the training, testing & trialing of hunting dogs and other related outdoor activities.

III - To maintain a federation of organizations dedicated to the acquisition, maintenance, development, restoration and conservation of wildlife habitat and wildlife resources for public use.

IV - To affect and support land use decisions that promote public access for high quality outdoor recreational pursuits.


  • Support the Public's Right to Engage in Hunting, Fishing, Shooting Sports and All Outdoor Recreation Pursuits

  • Maximize the Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation on San Diego's Public Lands