As part of San Diego Folk Heritage, we are a group of dancers, musicians and callers who come together weekly to contra dance in San Diego.   Take a look at a video from our New Year's Eve dance, and join our Facebook group! 

Contra Dancing is a form of American folk dance in which the dancers form a set of two parallel lines which run the length of the hall. Each dance consists of a sequence of moves that ends with couples having progressed one position up or down the set.  It is a very social and interactive dance form and is extremely fun.

Contra dance is fun, fun, fun! Basically, it is danced to live music which can have an array of instruments depending on the band. There is a caller who calls the dance by doing a "walk through" before each dance.  Once you get the moves for the dance, the pattern just repeats itself. Easy! At the beginning of each evening dance, there is a 30-minute lesson to go over all the basic steps that will be called.
"Contra dancing has been around since the 1700s. If you don't know it -- it's kind of like square dancing but with long lines of dancers. The dance is having a renaissance around the country thanks to a thriving youth scene."

Newsflash: Check out the """Contra Commercial" on YouTube.

In addition to our weekly dance some of our dancers attend various weekend dance festivals such as Fiddling Frog in Pasadena.  Check out this link to view a fun dance.  Labor Day Dance Away (LDDA) is another fun one!! 
Dance in AZ and May Madness contra dance home page is a third weekend some local dancers attend.
San Diego Folk Heritage is an all volunteer 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the folk arts in Southern California.