Welcome to the Sandhills Community College Center for Teaching and Learning.
The Center for Teaching and Learning provides resources for Faculty to improve student learning.  We offer opportunities for faculty to improve teaching (FACTS), to apply for funds for innovative ideas (TIPS), to apply for funds for learner centered travel, apply to go to the Lily South Conference.  In addition we have sponsored the adjunct faculty orientation, innovator of the year, round table discussions and the Scholars Institute.  The TLC also helps with the program for Faculty Retreat.  This site will contain applications for the programs and provide links to useful teaching ideas.

Statement of Purpose:

The Center of Teaching and Learning at Sandhills Community College is dedicated to enriching the academic environment of higher education.  The Center supports faculty in their endeavors to bring innovation and creativity to the classroom, and in their efforts to excel at their craft.  Good teaching practices enable students to reach their potential and achieve their academic goals.

  • The Center of Teaching and Learning values faculty as individuals and encourages change at an individual level.
  • The Center values academic freedom.
  • The Center values community and encourages the founding of a community of faculty.
  • The Center values connections among disciplines and communication among faculty members.
  • The Center values change, but change that is based on research and evaluation.

Programs initiated by the Center reflect these values.

The Center proposes:

1. Individual consultations that stress formative assessment of classroom practices.

2. Round table discussions across disciplines encouraging open discussion on classroom practices.

3. A publication that reflects the expertise and experience of SCC faculty and builds community spirit.

4. A professional library to promote ideas, to inform faculty of current educational theory, and to serve as resource for research into best teaching practices.

5. Workshops that increase our knowledge and improve our expertise.

6.  Grants (TIPs) that encourage and promote change in the classroom.

7.  Grants which support the College’s interest in international travel.