about the area

The beach
Sand Hill Cove beach (also named Roger Wheeler Beach) is a family beach located in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The large breakwall that spans 2.5 miles of beach, from gallilee to the point judith lighthouse makes for very calm waters. It is a very "kid friendly" beach. You can see from the photo above, the sand is very fine and white.
Adjacent to the beach, is an area the locals call "Rocky Beach." During low tide, many tidal pools form, and kids spend hours in the shallow water looking for and catching all sorts of sea life.
From sand hill cove beach, Gallilee beach is a 1 mile walk. There are a few breakfast places and restaurants there, and it makes for a nice walk in the morning or evenings.
Things to do
There are a number of resturants in the area. About 1/4 mile from the homes is Charlie O's restaurant and bar. The food is good and at night there is music & pool tables. Spains (http://www.spainri.com/) and the Coast Guard House (http://www.thecoastguardhouse.com/) are two great restaurants that are right in the area. Here is a link to many other Narragansett area restaurants: http://www.narragansettri.com/dining.htm
You can also take a day trip to Block Island, a small Island approximately 8 miles due south of Gallilee. There are ferrys that come and go throughout the day. Here is a link to the island's homepage: http://www.blockisland.com/
Rhode Island has some of the world's best seafood. You can go to the docks at galille and buy lobster right off the boats, take it home and have a great lobster dinner. You'll save a ton of money doing this, and you'll know you are getting the freshest seafood possible.