Kanji and Bushu

Dr. Williams is a linguistics scholar at American University.  One of her main interests is using "visual nihongo" to help students organize Kanji into meaningful parts.  

In the Japanese school system, students stop learning kanji by the time they are in middle school.  However, many students find that they have to learn it on their own to prepare for placement exams to get into the best high schools.  

Below is an example of a Bushu.  A Bushu is a "radical" which gives classification to a particular kanji.  This is the main method in which people search for kanjis in the dictionary.  This system is based on the Kang-Xi dictionary in China.  

See the example of the Ninben Bushu.  

Dr. William's Bushu List Click here for printable version 

Click on the image for the Bushu Video 

The 87 Bushu Names, and Sample Kanji.pdf