About Me

It is really tough to create a page about oneself ! 

People tend to say some peculiar things when they describe themselves or their lives; some try too hard, some make fools out of themselves. I will try my best not to make the same mistakes, however, also remember that reading this is voluntary.


Let me start
Foremost, I would consider myself a very simple and modest person. Nevertheless, if I would absolutely have to promote myself, which certainly should be the case when writing one’s own homepage, I could borrow some of the adjectives that my friends have used when describing me: "friendly, unique, cute, talented, lovable, instant story maker, fun, sexy, honest, romantic, elegant, likeable, smart, emotional, simple" among some others.

Letters in my Name

Smart ANExtremely Elegant Person

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                                              Sing as if no one is listening . 

                                                         Dance as if no one is watching .     

                                                                            Love as you've never loved before .                       

                                                                                            Live as if heaven is here on earth.