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eHorizon is an Innovative Idea to bring almost every important, useful, entertaining stuffs and information present on internet under a common horizon. You type in your wish and eHorizon has it for you. You believe it or not, its possible here at eHorizon. eHorizon has various ways and ideas to let you access the best of what you want. Besides various useful information, eHorizon has many entertainment stuffs too like music, videos, songs, cartoons, games, jokes, poems, slideshows, live TV and Radio, cricket n other sporty stuffs etc. It also has crazy and techie stuffs, future and health quest zones. eHorizon provides you a very powerful search platform where you can know about various search engines and the features they provide. It may not host the infinite information and stuffs present on internet but it will surely link you to the best in that field. So why to wander in vain to different websites for different things. Just land yourself onto different exciting eZones at eHorizon and then decide whether eHorizon can be your Homepage or atleast one of your fovorites/bookmarks. This is the best place for those internet surfers who dont know which thing where and how to get. eHorizon becomes meaningful if it gives you what you want. Its an evergrowing website and for helping its eUsers, it has got a very powerful content finder at the bottom of this as well as almost all the eZones. Feel free to use it when you are not able to find something at eHorizon.

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I launched myself into this vast eWorld i.e. the world of web and internet, in Jan,2008. Being a beginnner I created my 1st ever personal website ( http://sandeepraj001.biz.ly ). Many of my friends visited it and put their valuable comments and enjoyed many stuffs and contents. By this time it would have been visited more than 1500 times.Thanks to their support and valuable comments, my hunger to explore went onto its peak and resulted into this new eHorizon.


The crucial insight came only after I started to build my first website. In the three months since I started my website, I have discovered that a personal website is not about putting private information online. It is about making available information/opinions that a person finds interesting, and in the process indirectly documenting his/her interests, opinions, skills, and personality. It boosted me and I geared up myself to develop a new website which would be very useful to any user in different ways. I got a very crazy idea to bring the whole internet under a common horizon so that this can be made a one-stop destination for the eWorld visitors, internet surfers.


Some of you might be wondering why I gave it a name called 'eHorizon'. Actually, the main idea behind this website is to provide a common horizon for all the eWorld users i.e. Internet World users. The letter 'e' owns the same meaning as it has in the words like 'eMail' or 'eCommerce' or 'eMedia' or 'eZine' or 'eBook' etc. Litrally 'e' stands for electronic. This web or internet are all electronic.


As mentioned the very basic purpose of this eHorizon is to bring all types of contents, information and enjoyement stuffs for its users under a common horizon. Once you are here, you are going to get all this at one place with minimum efforts. Before coming here, you might be wasting lots of time to open each of the search result items and that too many times in vain. But this eHorizon is gonna save your valuable time in getting the information of your choice within seconds. In many cases, this will provide you perfect matching links for required stuffs and contents. In that case you just need to go to linked websites for details because experts are experts afterall. In simple words, eHorizon is meant for making your vision wider across this vast eWorld and grab your required information and contents instantly.

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Dear visitor, thanks for coming @ eHorizon. Bringing infinite volume of stuffs, information and tools present on internet together at one place and that too by an individual is never possible without your support. You can provide names, links, tricks, stuffs to be kept on eHorizon through mail or feedback form. You may also help us by refering eHrizon links to your friends, relatives and communities members. Its gonna useful for everyone, so contribute to make this useful to as many people as possible. Its still in its infant stage and will get matured with your valuable comments and feedback. I have spent only a few days for eHorizon and many of the pages are yet to be developed. So please wait till the final release. This is just a so called Beta release :) Please sign into my guestbook and provide feedbacks. Also rate this site and let me serve you better. Please note that to explore this eHorizon in a pleasant way you need to keep your screen resolution as much as possible and your browser needs to be flash enabled.