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Useful Links

Below are links to webpages which reflect either the work of members of Sandbach Art Club or sites which may be of interest to club members and our guests.

Club Members
Kay Bayliss - Artist (SAC member) - www.kaygeo.co.uk

Sylvia Twiss - Artist (SAC member) - http://www.sylviatwiss.co.uk/

      Carole Baker - Artisthttp://www.carolebaker.com/
        Steven Bewsher - Artisthttp://www.originalpaintings.com/steven_bewsher.htm
          Jean Briers - Artisthttp://www.briersart.com/
            Ged Mitchell - Framing & Art Gallery - The Cottage Gallery, Alsager-http://gedmitchell.co.uk/

            Gill Adlington -Artist -OIls -Middlewich  - http://gilladlington.wix.com/gill-adlington

            Nick Eveleigh -Artist -Acrylics  - http://www.nick-eveleigh-art.co.uk/

            Paul Talbot-Greaves   Artist      http://www.talbot-greaves.co.uk/index.html

            Sandra Orme         Artist                      http://www.sandraorme.co.uk

            Graham Lee        Artist                      http://www.grahamlee-artist.co.uk/

            Beverly Haines   Artist                http://www.beverleyhaines.co.uk./

            Anthony Barrow  Artist               https://anthonybarrow.co.uk/gallery/#

            Ann Roach      Artist                       http://annroachart.artjournals.co.uk/

            Painters online - http://www.painters-online.co.uk/clubs/search.

            SAA  - http://www.saa.co.uk/ (This organisation has had to drop any reference to 'Society'. Hence The Society for All Artists is now known by its initials only.)

            Sandbach Masonic Hall - http://www.sandbachmasonichall.co.uk/category/latest-news-events/

            Golden Paints - http://www.goldenpaints.com/ and http://www.goldenpaints.com/mixer

            Winsor and Newton- http://www.winsornewton.com/uk/

            Jacksons Art Supplies- http://www.jacksonsart.com/


            Two Doors Studio - Alsager - http://www.twodoorsstudio.co.uk/