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For rough availability, prices and letting information please see Reservations.

For all other inquiries or if you would like to make a reservation please feel free to e-mail Richard and Paddy Martin at:

If your request is urgent please ring us at:

Phone: 01732 781170(or 01732 882 331)

There is a lot of information about the letting of Sandaig Cottage on this website. However it is still all pretty impersonal. From past experience direct communication between us is crucial so as to make sure this remote and unique place will suit you and your families expectations.

Whilst we are trying to make a stay at Sandaig more and more trouble free (with developments such as the micro hydro making available simple pleasures such as a fridge), we do not advise that you go unless you can stand a few hiccups or break downs - (Water supply, Power supply, Rayburn for instance). 

You need to be a bit DIY minded and hopefully enjoy this aspect of it (as we do). After all it is a wilderness out there. We can happily say that several families have stayed at the cottage over 8 times, so we are not alone in our tastes. Most believe that the benefits of remoteness far exceed the delights of fixing something in the pooring rain.

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Alex Martin

Thank you for your interest in our families favourite sanctuary.