Official T.T.C. News. 


Here's the news in the girls as of July 1. I met this girl at the pool. Her name is Katy. Which is a coincidence, because Tanner's girlfriend's name is also Katie. (well it sounds the same) I haven't been able to talk to Tanner in forever until today (while we're on the subject of Tanner) and today I saw his mom and the conversation went as follows:

"Hey, Mrs. Ford!!!"


"Do you remember me?"

"Yes, I do"

"Then, what is my name?"



(still me) "you need to go home and grab up Tanner and whip him until he bleeds, then lock him in his room. While he's in his room, burn his drumset. That's the only way to cure that"

"Cure what?"

"I haven't been able to talk to Tanner in forever. He refuses to answer my calls. I have texted him so many times it's not even funny"

"He does that to me too"

{I repeat the part about whipping him 'till he bleeds}

(After that we sort of stop talking and, as I call Trevor's shoe a whore, she taps me on the shoulder and tells me "shh". She is on the phone, and I'm guessing I know who it is. Get this: She had called Katie's house! AWESOME. She said: "Hey, can I talk to Tanner real quick?" .....pause....

(just guessing but I think this is what he said) "Hello?"

"hey hold on, someone wants to talk to you"

(hands phone to me, and I say:) "Hey, bro, what's the deal with you???" 

 "Who is this?"

"Your bro, or so I thought, you never return my calls or text me back..."

"So, who is this?"


"Oh, hey, this totally doesn't sound like you at all"

"Well, it's a wonder you even know who I am, you never return my calls, never text me back."

"So, are you at the fireworks thing?"


"You chilling with Levi?"

"Don't change the subject, seriously I don't mean to make you feel bad, I'm just telling you the facts. You haven't ever called me back or texted me no matter how much I try to get a hold of you. I was supposed to come over a while ago, and I was so stoked, then you didn't ever return my calls. So I don't know what is up with you anymore."

"I'll tell you what, we're going on vacation in a week from now, and I'll ask mom about it, and see if you can come over sometime this week."

"Alright, that's a little better"

"I was just sort of pissed at you for never returning my text..."

"You want me to text you right now?"

"Sure, if you want to..."

"Alright I am right now"

{The whole time Trevor was saying "I wanna talk to him", so at this time I was like "Hey, Trevor want's to talk to you")

Trevor picks up the phone and says "Hey, I'm not pissed at you or anything, I just want to say hey. The conversation ensues. Then Levi asks if it's Tanner, and Levi says "I wanna talk to him" In case you didn't know, Levi and Tanner have kept a close relationship this summer and tanner talks to levi more than any of us. In fact last night tanner spent the night at Levi's house. So....

The text that tanner sent me turned out to be: Alright here you go, so how is it with that katie girl.

The conversation with that ensued and he cleared some things up for me. Things that he didn't know, Samantha filled me in on the answer. Samantha is Levi's girlfriend. And one of my friends. She's really cool. That was just a few hours ago that this happened. So, that's good that I got to talk to tanner today. After I got off of the phone with him, I asked his mom (Tanner was supposed to, but he forgot, then hung up the phone) "Hey, tanner was gonna ask you if I could come over, but he forgot. So, can I?"


"So, Tuesday, right"


"So I can just come over on tuesday, no matter what?"


"Would you write that in blood for me"


"Well, thank you and I'll see you on Tuesday."

"Your welcome"

"I Love you Mrs. Ford"

"No reply" 

The End



Well, the worst has apparently happened, the girl that I have liked for so long.... I don't really know how to put it... It was going alright, then it just sort of fell apart. Especially today. I'm really ticked off at my friend Dyllan because he was "just kidding" but, he was sort of acting like he was hitting on her. I didn't really say much I just stood on the outside of the circle and glared at him. Later on he did his little laugh and he told me he was only joking. Stupid.... That's about all the news for girls right now... 

     In other news, I was recently able to go to the Battle of The Bands. It was pure awesomeness, just in case you were wondering. I got to talk to that girl a lot there.... sadly as I said before that has sort of gone in the drain. But, my favorite local band played there: Seventh Letter. There are like HEAVY metal. It was so cool. I got up on the stage and windmilled. Everybody told me it was really cool. I thought about doing it because I saw this guy do it in this movie. I'm not sure the name of the band, but I keep thinking that it's Taking Back Sunday. I don't know. A windmill is where you stand in one spot, or move around it really doesn't matter, and you flail your arms around in circles, as a windmill does. So, I thought about doing it, and I yelled at Colby, "Should I get up on stage and windmill?"

 And he said, "Dude, do it!" 

So, I said, "Well, pick me up on to stage!" So they did and then I did it, and it was awesome. Then I jumped off and landed on some fat kid. 

    In other news, I got my permit yesterday. Yesterday was May 17, 2007. I finally got it, 4 months after my birthday. I tried doing bluesteel, but the stupid fat lady wouldn't let me. Stupid fat lady...