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Where to begin? I guess the band members. So here they are:

Tanner Ford Overall rating=10

Trevor Jackson Overall rating=10

Connor "The Stallion" Lingerfelt Overall (ladies) rating=13

The History of T.T.C.

If you need to contact us I (Connor) can be contacted at linger_con@yahoo.com. If you wanna talk to one of the members, I'll give them a shout and personally tell them about you. I promise. Oh, yes, if you do go to Trevor's site, don't blame him, he just doesn't understand the layout of a keyboard entirely yet.

Now, here's a little personal information about these people:

Tanner Ford "Fordio" : plays drums, with his hands. He has also introduced me to all the cool bands that I now listen to. Such as: Underoath, With Blood Comes Cleansing, The Devil Wears Prada, and Chiodos. Those are all some of the greatest bands on earth. I can honestly say that without Tanner, T.T.C. wouldn't exist. If there were no Tanner it would be just T.C. Tanner is a mack-dad with the ladies, and he's single!! For all you ladies out there waiting for this day, here it is! And recently he has been threatened by a random girl, so you don't know how hard his life is! He has to steal other peoples food just to survive! Please, help him out. hate him. Anyways, on to Trevor.

Trevor "Trevvy" Jackson Is also a mack-dad with the ladies. He went out with the girl that I liked all of 8th grade. I actually didn't like him up until the beginning of 9th grade. Trevor doesn't play any instruments, that I know of. Trevor wrestled with me in 9th grade. In case you didn't know, Trevor and I were wrestlers. And yes, wrestlers can keep going, and going, just like the Energizer bunny (pay mind to this ladies). Trevor has recently had a falling out with computers, and has resorted to the more vaginal hobbie of "GFx" as he calls it. (graphics). What a vag'. Me and Trevor are sophomores, and have 1st and 4th period together.

Connor "The Stallion" Lingerfelt I am the creator of this web page. I guess if you were to classify us into "cliques" as if we were in school *pff* We would be as follows: Tanner= upperclassmen; Trevor= Skateboard loser/ little CS3 newb; Connor= Very open to talking to every attractive lady that comes his way. But, who would do that? I am very knowledgeable about computers. I got to Dade County in 2005, I think. The beginning of 8th grade. I loathed Trevor for going out with that girl for so long. But, that's about my coming to be in T.T.C. (I'm aware that ryhmed, I had no intention of that.) I am a straight-up heartbreaker. I enjoy long walks on the beach, crying to The Notebook, and long romantic novels... if you're into that and all. Actually, I, surprisingly, like to read. Not a lot, but some. You know, just getting information. I like to learn stuff. Only if it's stuff I'm interested in. Like, girls. In my spare time I make a whole lot of videos. If you think of someone who you think makes a lot of videos in a day, I probably have made 3 times the videos as them in a day. Well, I usually make 2-3 videos a day. I also make a lot of videos with my friends when they come over. Just go to youtube.com and search for Connor Lingerfelt. Then watch my sweet vids! I also enjoy listening to screamo, such as: Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, With Blood Comes Cleansing, Dance Gavin Dance, Chiodos, and Blessthefall (I'm aware that Chiodos isn't exactly death metal, but they have that little touch) Here is a link to pictures of the bands I listen to.

If you wonder why my section is bigger than the others, well, I know more about me than anyone I know. I also don't know everything that my friends would enjoy me putting underneath their name. I may go back and add on to theirs. Sound good? I have some experience playing the trumpet. They say trumpet players are good kissers because of their strong lip control. Girls, maybe someday you'll be lucky enough to find out ;-). I am pretty much the brains, the braun, and the beauty of this small operation we like to call T.T.C.

Now, a little lesson in history.

The History of T.T.C.
T.T.C. came to be thanks to a little class most people (including me) liked to call hell. Because that's basically what it was. Actually, I think hell would be a little bit better, seeing as how hell has a little bit more going on than this class. The class: Algebra 1. The teacher: Mrs. Henderson. Let's see what about this class did I loathe? Well, to begin, EVERY-FREAKING-THING! Some other things: The time we got in there (around 8:10) until the time we got out (I think like 9:50) were the worst parts of it. I remember one guy in there practically slept the whole semester and (I do not know how, to this day) coasted on a low D the whole time. I stayed awake all but one day, and passed with a 73. Thank God I passed, I would've died and then no more T.T.C. Anyway, Tanner was on the other side of the room and I did not know him at first. Trevor was also over there, and at the beginning of the year I still had a little bit of a grudge against him. Not much, but still. Trevor and Tanner began talking first and eventually became friends. I moved over there one day (I think somehow Tanner knew my name, and I had learned his) and he wanted to show me something. After that I made my official seat over there with them. Up until the point Mrs. Henderson had to split us up. That was a sad day for Dade County. Well, mostly just the unaware members of T.T.C. I would still sneak over there during group activities, and on sub-days. I'm not really sure what brought us together, maybe fate, who knows? But, I think the thing that sealed our friendships was a little thing we called... I'm not really sure what we called it, but, we'll call it ART WARS!. Trevor's signature was Rajhid. Tanner's I believe were Indian arrows. Mine, well, I just tried my best to keep up with Trevor's lies and cheating. I happily add that I have a win on Trevor that he still shakes from to this day. Trevor was the master at the game. It was all about being random. Also, deep lies and lots of thinking ahead were good attributes to have when playing this game. There was only one rule: win. It's a tough game, but, when in Rome. One day Tanner told us about a girl that he met while on some bogus "vacation" he went on. Trevor and I just smiled and nodded our heads. He kept rattling on and on about it, so, eventually we just had to believe him. Some girl that lived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Or something like that, was apparently very hot and Tanner was an idiot and didn't get her number. So Tanner was like, "When I turn 18, we're going on a road trip to aforementioned location." So, we spent like a week doing nothing but saying, "Dude, we ARE going." And making little lists of the stuff we were bringing. It'll happen, and it'll be awesome. Tanner and Trevor and I used to only just be "friends" now we are more like brothers. I remember mine and Tanner's religious phase. That didn't last long. Apparently being religious isn't as fun as being a hoodlum. Trevor and I wrestled, as you already know. Trevor also played soccer, and has for the past several years. Tanner runs track, and is the school mascot. Also, just about every single hot girl at our school either knows him or are friends with him. He's my in for the boo-tay at DCHS. No, I'm not using him, he's my bro, I'm just taking advantage of a situation. I mean, all the girls that I don't know, or Trevor knows, he knows. He knows more of the upperclassmen girls. Eventually, very, very, very, much later than it should have, Algebra 1 ended. And we went our separate ways. But, wait, I still haven't told you about the day we thought about T.T.C. One day one of us (it was me) were like, "We should have a band, but not play any instruments." The rest of class we were thinking of a name, eventually we just thought of our initials. It actually has a secret meaning which is, of course, a "don't ask, don't tell" thing. Moving on. At the end of that semester I thought for sure it would be the end of our friendship, at least our friendship with Tanner. Tanner is in a grade higher than us, and we probably won't ever have another class with him until next year. But, it turns out we had the same lunch together. All is not lost. During lunch time, we talk about girls, random crap, and Tanner's experiences, mostly. Me and Trevvy sometimes share hacking stuff. I guess that you are caught up now. That is the history of T.T.C.

Remember me talking about Cedar Rapids, Iowa? Here's one of the lists we made.

Operation Delta Airline
1. Check airplane recorods
2. Check Sealife Park in Oahu, Hawaii
3. Get number and address.
4. Mapquest that junk.
5.Drive to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
6.Make into a movie, millions.
7. Cha-Ching.

Those were the exact words, because the paper was in my wallet and it's laying by my hand as I type this. That either shows how smart we were, or how bored.

Ok, I realize that there are probably a few mistakes throughout the history. Here are some corrections: Apparently I didn't have a grudge against Trevvy at the beginning of the year. Before I had edited this post the first time I had instead of 'Cedar Rapids, Iowa' I had 'Rapid Springs'. I always get them mixed up, and I don't know why.

I have a picture of the band!!! Here it is..

Tanner is the one on the left, Trevvy is the one on the ground, and then there's me, doing my blue steel. Heh, cool isn't it? By the way, that was in Mrs. Henderson's class room.

from Trevvy, that's who!