The items listed here are useful for all members. They show the makeup of the current management of the club, and the bylaws of how the club is to be run. You will also find a membership roster and a list of past presidents.

When new members are to be invited to join the club, the procedure to be followed by the sponsoring member is listed, and the covenants of service that each member must pledge is listed in these documents.

There is also a link to the National Exchange Club website, if you wish learn more about Exchange Club history.

Board Meeting Minutes — These are the board meeting minutes starting 2013 to current.

Covenant of Service — Here is the pledge that each new member must read out loud with the full club membership when they are inducted into the club.

Election of Members — Here is the procedure that members must follow when they are inviting new members into the club.

Exchange Club Member Directory — The current club roster is a easy to print form.

List of Officers, Directors & Committee Chairman 2016-2017 — Current list of Officers, Directors and Committee Chairman.

List of Past Presidents — Names and tenure dates for all past presidents since the founding to the club in 1965.

National Exchange Club Website — Learn more about the National Exchange Club and the good work being done across America.

San Clemente Exchange Club BYLAWS 9 June 2014.pdf — These are the club Bylaws. If changes need to be made, contact Jim Kemp, he has the master copy in Word format.