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Welcome To Ms. Sanchez's 4th Grade Class.
Our new  Literary Circle book is - By The Great Horn Spoon, which is connected to our Gold Rush Simulation, that was started on Wednesday.  The students have selected their mining teams and now a gold minning we will go.  This simulation is fun and a great way to learn about the Gold Rush.   

In Computer Lab - we are working on the new State selected Assessment called Smarter Balance.  From now on most of our computer classes will be taking the Smarter Balance Practice Assessment, which are computer based.  It is my understanding that the Assessments will begin in April and end in May and will be taken on the computer in the Lab and on state issues lap top computers.  This year's assessments will not be recorded according to LAUSD.  

As you know, your child has the opportuniy to take Accelerated Reader Tests every Computer Lab session and on the computer in our room, so please encourage your child to read and take the Accerated Reader Test.  Starting this Semester any student who does not have an accumulation of 30 points or more will receive a 2 in Reading.  Accelerated Reader Assessments are mandatory.  

As a reminder, homework is assigned every night and is expected to be completed and handed in the following day.  I have changed the Science Reflection requirement.  The Reflection is now due Thursday, which gives your child two days to write their Reflection.  Additionally, this semeser each student must enclude in their Reflection the  purpose of the Science Lab.  I want the students to think about the topic and the hands on experiment was selected and why the outline notes were selected.

I would like to remind all parents that any typing that is being done at home is to be done by your child - not you.  Starting with this year's State Testing - the students will be taking the assessment on line and will have to type all of their entries and responses.  I would encourage you to review their work and make note of typos, and when a sentence does not make sense ask them "What do you mean by this?" and have your child fix the work.  All work is to be student done and student generated - no parent done work.

Project Due Dates: 
Science:  Assessment 

Math - Topic 
Assessments / Tests
Treasures Unit Assessment - Weekly
(Date to be determine by our progress)

Science Quarterly Assessment -  
  (Solid Earth)

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