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Register to Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering with San Carlos AYSO!  We are entirely volunteer run, but unfortunately in this day and age, volunteering with children isn't as simple as just offering to help.  Part of what makes AYSO a success nationally and in San Carlos is that families know that volunteers:
  • ... have had background checks
  • ... have had appropriate soccer training
  • ... have had training on how to work with kids
  • ... know how to protect themselves under the Volunteer Protection Act of 1997.
Please work with us to follow these steps and deliver a great program to our community!

Part 1: Pre-Register Online

  1. Create a family eAYSO account under "First Time User" or log in to the account you used last year.
  2. IF YOU CAN'T REMEMBER THE ACCOUNT YOU USED LAST YEAR... Do check the eAYSO Tips page for ways to recover your old account.  If you create a new account and re-register from scratch then you'll just be adding work for you and for our volunteers to re-verify your previous certifications.
  3. If prompted for the AYSO Region number, enter 107.  (Section Number is 2, Area is N)
  4. Please fill out an application for each volunteer.
  5. Print out form(s)

Again, if you encounter problems with eAYSO, plase visit our eAYSO Tips page.

Part 2: Register

Do contact the appropriate board member or division coordinator to let them know the way in which you want to volunteer.  When you pre-register eAYSO will only track you generically as a volunteer.  Only when a board member knows the role you want to be involved in and confirms that role in eAYSO will you then be fully configured to get started with team assignment, referee courses, or whatever is appropriate for your volunteer role.

Part 3: Get Certified

Please check with the appropriate board member or coordinator on which certifications you need to complete.  In general, all volunteers complete the Safe Haven training, with coaches and referees undergoing more specific training.  Some training like Safe Haven is online and your certifications will be registered automatically.  Other training is conducted in-person with a San Carlos Regional volunteer, in which case those volunteers register your certifications in eAYSO, so make sure they know when you attend a training session!

Part 4: Verify Certification

You can verify that your certification was recorded by logging back in to eAYSO and looking under the "Those who have already volunteered" section, and clicking on the "View Certifications" link.