San Carlos Referee Training Dates Announced for 2014

We have announced the dates for our 2014 referee training sessions.  You will find them here: Training. As we are expecting a record number of players this year, we are going to need even more trained referee volunteers. Remember, every game needs three referees. So we actually need more referees than we need coaches.  Luckily, refereeing is easier to learn, less time consuming and very rewarding.  We really need you!

How to Contact Us?
Contact information for the Regional Referee Administrators and Director of U8 Referees is below.  Your first method of communicating with us is via notes on the match reports.  PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY. Pass the reports to the next referee and the last referee on each field should drop them in the mailbox at:

We review every match report. However, if circumstances dictate a more rapid response or require intervention or follow up by the referee administrative team, then please email or call any of us as the need arises.

Referee Administrator:  
Aaron Cheatham, aaron at, (650) 454-9054

Asst. Referee Administrator:  
Darin Allen , darin.ayso at, (650) 430-6006

Directors of U8 Referees:  
Martin Kirk, martinkirk at
Keegan Kirk, thekeeganator at

Do We Have Your 2014 Volunteer Forms?

All referees must go to and re-register every year. If you have not done this for 2014, complete your form online. Print it out AND SIGN IT!  Mail it to San Carlos AYSO, P.O. Box 1462, San Carlos, CA 94070.

San Carlos Referee Email lists:

Are You Staying In Touch?

We use an email list service to communicate with referees. If you have not already, please subscribe with your email address at the scayso-ref preference page.