Extra Playing Time

Would your player like more playing time?  Can they just not get enough soccer right now?   Please consider bringing them to a session of "pickup" soccer!  This fall season, some coaches with fond memories of doing this when they were little would like to give a taste of this to our players and parents - just showing up and playing for the love of it.  
  • Format will be a set of small-sided games. 15-20 minutes at a time with 5 minute breaks.  At each break the coordinator will adjust the team matchups and in some cases swap players between teams.  Think of this as a never-elimination tournament with trades.
  • Players can show up in a group and they can start out together, but all players attending must be willing to play with anyone, and to switch teams when directed by a coach.    Players without a team will be assigned to one.
  • All players must bring shinguards, soccer cleats and water.
  • Players should wear white t-shirts, or shirts that have NO Yellow, Red or Blue on them (the colors of the pinnies we may use to distinguish the teams)
  • There will be no referees - the kids are expected to referee themselves.  AYSO coaches will be on-hand to supervise from a distance, but the intent will be for minimal involvement.
  • Pre-registrations help us request the needed field space, but are not required.  Pre-Registered email addresses also will help us convey any last minute changes or need for cancellation.  This page will also be updated if anything changes.
  • Players MUST sign in before being assigned to a game, including a guardian's name and cell phone number.  It is hoped that parents will stick around, but if they leave to run errands we must have a way of reaching you.
  • Please observe local parking regulations - some families did get parking tickets when they parked hastily for the recent goalie clinic!

Our first Pickup session was on September 23 for U10 Girls and Moms/WINS and was a great success!

The next pickup is Sunday October 7, 1-3pm

  • Divisions are U6 Boys and U8 Boys.  The divisions will generally be kept separate but strong U6 players will have the chance to play up if they like and new U8 players may have the chance to play down if appropriate.
  • Location is expected to be Stadium Field at Highlands Park.
  • Families coming from Arundel's fundraiser or heading to White Oak's fundraiser are welcome to arrive late or leave early as needed.

Email pickup@sancarlosayso.org with any questions.

Pre-registration form is here:

San Carlos AYSO Oct 7 Pickup Pre-Registration