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San Carlos AYSO is regarded as one of the most player-friendly, family-friendly, and efficient youth sports organizations on the peninsula.  Our “BE POS”itive philosophy has lead to record enrollments in the program, commendable volunteer retention rates, and a high level of play across age groups.  We are nationally recognized leaders in program development.

Our successes are due in a large part to the efforts of our volunteer coaches, referees and program administrators – all working together to provide a fun, fair, safe environment for our players.  We recognize that the top three reasons children participate in youth sports are to have fun, to be with friends, and to improve skills, and that sport is a mechanism for building character and self esteem.  Coaches and referees are trained to recognize that they are role models for the kids.

All of this improvement requires effort – from many excellent families and volunteers in San Carlos.

New ideas and new energy from new volunteers help sustain and direct our positive momentum.  We require that every family with a child in the program volunteer in some way during the season.  The only qualifications are a positive approach and outlook.

If you have helped out in the past as a coach, referee, or in another capacity, We Thank you for your time and effort and hope we can count on you again this year as a volunteer.

If you have not been involved before, remember that previous experience is not necessary.  Just bring a positive attitude and we will provide the training to help you become a participant, with your children, in the program.

Thank you all for being a part of AYSO Soccer in San Carlos and entrusting your children to our program. If you have any questions, please visit our board of directors contact page and contact the Coordinator for your age group via email.

With EVERYONE’S HELP, we look forward to another outstanding season.

Information on how to get involved described on our Volunteer pages.


- San Carlos AYSO Board of Directors