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Safe Haven

Safe Haven is a child and volunteer protection program that was the first of its kind in youth sports, pioneered by AYSO Nationally.

The child protection aspect is intended to stop child abuse, educate or remove its perpetrators, and screen out predators before they get into the program. It includes proactive steps which provide a medium for positive, healthy child development, precluding the outbreak of child abuse in a weak, unfocused, nonempowering environment.

Volunteer protection comes in to play as a result of volunteer training, certification and continuing education. The Volunteer Protection Act of 1997 provides certain legal protections for volunteers who have been trained and certified, and act in accordance with a written job description. Safe Haven has these three elements, giving volunteers the highest degree of protection available under the law.

The latest information on Safe Haven is available on the AYSO National website here.

For information on how volunteers can take the Safe Haven course, please visit the How to take the Safe Haven Online Course page.