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Codes of Conduct

Players' Code:
  • Players should play for the fun of it, not just to please their parents or coach.
  • Players should arrive to practices and games on time, focused and ready to practice and play.
  • Players should never argue with or complain about the referee calls or decisions.
  • Players should always give their best effort and work equally hard for their team as for themselves.
  • Players should treat all players, as they would like to be treated.
  • Players should not talk when the coach is speaking and should listen attentively.
  • Players should show respect to coaches, referees, teammates and opposing players.
  • Players should help and encourage their teammates.
  • Players should be willing and eager to learn and improve.
  • Players should show good sportsmanship at all times, regardless of whether they win or lose.
Coaches' Code:
  • Coaches should conduct well-organized practices, starting and finishing practices on time.
  • Coaches should be reasonable in their demands on the player’s time, energy and their performance.
  • Coaches should be enthusiastic, encouraging, motivating and stress positive coaching.
  • Coaches should prepare a well thought out game plan, including player substitutions.
  • Coaches should enlist the team’s parents to instill the proper attitudes and values in the players.
  • Coaches should be supportive, patient and understanding with their players.
  • Coaches should be fair with all their players, regardless of their abilities.
  • Coaches should always display good sportsmanship and never criticize the referee.
  • Coaches should stay informed about sound principles of coaching by reading books and taking clinics.
  • Coaches should ensure that their players’ soccer experience is one of fun and enjoyment.