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Burton Park - West and East U10 Fields

Address: Burton Park, San Carlos, CA located at Cedar St and Brittan Ave.
GPS Address: Use 1000 Chestnut St. San Carlos, CA 94070.  This is the San Carlos Youth Center Address located at Burton Park.

Parking: Parking on City streets is permitted and provides the easiest access to the Fields.  If playing on Burton WEST - parking along Cedar St or the Southwest end of Brittan Ave before Cedar St is best.  If playing on Burton EAST - parking along Woodland Ave or the Southeast end of Brittan Ave near Woodland Ave is best.  There is also a small parking lot by the Youth Center Entrance [1001 Chestnut Street] that allows accessible entrance to the both fields.

Home Team: North Touchline for either field.

Goal Storage: U10 Goals are stored in THREE LOCATIONS. 1] ONE GOAL - along Cedar St fence [3rd base foul line side] [WEST field],  2] TWO GOALS are stored along the Brittan Ave Fence - in the middle of the field between Cedar St and Woodland Ave, [One goal for WEST - One goal for EAST], 3] ONE GOAL is stored at the 3rd base foul pole near the Grove on the corner of Woodland and Brittan Ave [EAST field].

Storage Box: Field Boxes are located in the corner of baseball field located at Cedar St and Brittan Ave.

Burton Park

East and West Schedules: