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eAYSO Tips

In order to use eAYSO, it is helpful to understand how logins, players and volunteers relate to one another.  Login accounts are simple accounts used only for logging in.  Each Player and Volunteer record is managed by the login user who created it.


When you want to access eAYSO to add or update player or volunteer information, you need to visit http://eayso.org and provide a username and password of a login account.  This account consists mainly of an email address, password, phone number, and a security question. Just follow the instructions to create a login or access an existing one.

Once you've logged in, you can add or update players & volunteers, but note that changes to your email address or phone number made to your login account do not automatically update player or volunteer records.  Similarly, your login account is not updated if those fields are updated in player or volunteer records.

If you lose your password, eAYSO can send password reminder emails, but note that these emails are prone to being caught in spam filters, so check your spam filters when attempting to receive these.  If you are still having trouble, a San Carlos AYSO regional volunteer can sometimes figure out which email address you've been logging in as, but can't help recover or reset a password.   If you are still stuck, you can also call the eAYSO National helpdesk Monday-Friday 8-5 (866) 588-2976 or email them at eaysosupport@ayso.org - they can help reset passwords and they can help merge accounts and player records if you wind up creating new accounts during signups. They can also help you with any other eAYSO questions.

From March 3 to Aug. 4, the Call Center will be open Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., PST.
Between April 8 and July 1, the Call Center will also be open on Sundays from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., PST.   


Once you are logged in, the eAYSO site will let you register new players, update them, or re-register players from previous years.

If players who played a previous year are missing from this page then most likely that player was registered under a different family member's login.   Please do attempt to reconnect to old player records with the help of volunteers or the eAYSO resources listed above.  This will save you effort from having to re-type old information, and will also help the San Carlos volunteers, but if you are forced to create new player records that is OK.


Just like with player records, a logged in user can register, update, and re-register continuing volunteers.

Just like with player records, a missing volunteer record likely means that the volunteer record was previously created under a different login email.   Do note that it will make things MUCH easier for both the volunteer and for San Carlos AYSO if you can locate the old volunteer record with the help of San Carlos or eAYSO personnel.

Specifically, eAYSO remembers all certifications for a volunteer, and if a new volunteer record is created the volunteer and San Carlos board members will have extra work to do later in order to re-record and verify previous certifications.