Parenting Education & Support


  • Parent education & family support programs vary in the type of information & support they provide.
  • Programs may also be delivered from various sources including home visiting programs, family resource centers, or community early childhood programs.
  • Programs are sometimes targeted to pregnant women (and their families) and very young children a high-risk (including teen moms) or be universally available.
  • As with most programs, services are most effective when they reflect the cultures and languages of the families served.
Why Parent Education?
Parents play a key role in children's development. The way that they care for their children, teach them skills and values, and guide them in their encounters with the world outside the home lays the foundation for children’s later emotional, social & intellectual development.
Zero to Three:
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC): 
For more information about Evidence Based Parenting Education and Support, refer to the attachment below.