JavaFX and Kiva API mashup

KivaFX is a simple JavaFX application which makes use of Kiva API to get the required details and render it on the JavaFX UI. The application is basically aimed at the Lenders. The users have to type their Kiva User ID and get the details of the lender viz: Profile details and Details of the loans they have funded. The complete application comprises of 4 Screens:

  1. Login Screen.

  2. Welcome Screen.

  3. Chart Screen.

  4. Loan Detail Screen.

When the user runs the application the login screen is shown. 

On entering the username or also called as the Kiva User ID the user will be taken to the Welcome view irrespective of whether the username/userid is valid or not. It just checks that the textbox should not be empty. 


Welcome View

The welcome view shows few details about the lender along with the photograph. The details have been placed at suitable locations. The Logout Button takes the user back to the Login Screen. View Loan Statistics button takes to the ChartView Screen which lists the loans the lender has funded in. The screen also has provision to view the statistics in the form of Pie Chart and also the Loan Details.

Chart View

The Dropdown box which is nothing but the SwingComboBox in JavaFX lists all the loans funded by the Lender. On clicking "Get Chart" the Piechart is shown. The pie chart shows the Amont Paid and the Amount not paid. On clikcing "Loan Details" the details of the selected Loan are shown.

Loan Details View

The loan details shows the name of the entreprenuer, their activity, use of loan and the few loan stats like amount funded and amount paid among other details. 

Run the Applet version of the application here.

Launch the application using the launch button given below.

Note: For the Mobile application this will not work because i have used javafx.ext.swing package which is not supported for JavaFX Mobile. Hopefully in the future i will develop a Simple Mobile app for Kiva