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I have written a series of posts covering JavaFX New features along with exploring its new features. I have thought of compiling them in this page. I never thought I would be able to learn JavaFX. I was a novice 1 month back. But I spent lot of time coding simple applications and slowly increasing the complexity of the applications being developed. Now I have realised that the only limit is the feature set of the langauges. Though its been around 6 months after JavaFX was officially announced, its grown fast and huge.

The following are the posts written by me covering JavaFX:

KivaFX- JavaFX Application which uses Kiva APIs (Link)

The application and its details can be found here.

New Features:

  • JavaFX Chart API

  • JavaFX Controls

With the introduction of the Charting API and the Controls developing applications has become much easier. And for people like me from the Swing background learning to use these controls was not an issue at all. 

DeliciousFX- Simple Delicious RSS Feed Reader (Link)

The  application details can be found here.

New Features used:

  • RSS Task

  • JavaFX Controls

Hyperlink Control (Link)

The application details can be found here.

New Features Used:

  • Hyperlink Control

 Key Features in JavaFX 1.2 (Link)

The article details can be found here.

New UI Demo (Link)

The application details can be found here.

New features use:

  • JavaFX Contols

 BarChart Demo (Link)

The application details can be found here.


  • Add ComboBox Control, Password Field Control, Date Chooser Control with Date Field.

  • Add Scrollpane, just like the one in Swing. Otherwise its really tough (at least for me) to use the Scrollbar Controlto add scrolling. 

  • When Effects is added to a control and the control added to a Group, the application crashes. Please fix this issue. 

  • Good UI Builder for JavaFX.

Some cool features:

  • Atom and RSS feed parsing.

  • Pull parser.

  • Asyncrhonous HTTP Requests. 

  • Local Storage.

  • Charts and Graphs.

  • Animation and Media (though i havent worked on these features).

  • Seamless integration with Java

  • Easy to develop Mobile Applications

  • Easy to develop Applet based widgets.

About Author:

Mohamed Sanaulla is  Final Year undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka. His interests include Learning new Technologies, Programming languages, developing applications and blogging among others.