- Simple JavaFX UI for Google Calendar

Initial Planning/Ideas:

  • To implement a Calendar Event Notification Client with support for CalDAV and WCAP protocols in JavaFX.

  • Develop a UI for Showing the list of events- Day wise

  • Develop a UI for Showing the list of events- Week wise

  • Alerting the user 10-15 minutes before the event.

Initial Work:

  • Briefly Went through the WCAP and CalDAV protocols and Google Calendar Protocol.

  • Developed a simple application for parsing the Google Calendar Feeds using the GData protocol.

Features of the application:

  • Login using Gmail account- Email and password.

  • View events stored in the user calendar(Google calendar)

  • Day and Week representation.

  • View the past and future events-By Navigating Forward and Backward using the buttons

  • Alerts 15 minutes before the event in the form of a "Notification" along with a "Alert tone" which repeats every 2 minutes till the event start time.

  • Enable/Disable Reminders. On Disable there will be no alerts for any of the events.

  • View the event details namely: Title, Description, Start date and time, End date and time and Location.

  • In the Week View only the days on which there's any event is shown.


Login View


Waiting for the application to load


Welcome View


Day View


Week View


Details about the event


Event Reminder

Launch the JNLP here.

View the applet version here.

Source code- Here.