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JPaintMan [Mini Project completed in 4th Semester]-

  • A 2-D Paint and Animation package developed using Java (Swing) as part of the curriculum needs for 4th Semester Computer Graphics project
  • Download the application here.

JSql [Mini Project completed in 5th Semester]-

  • A single user relational database system developed in Java as part of the curriculum needs for 5th Semester Database Mini Project.
  • Supports CREATE, SELECT, DELETE, INSERT, JOIN, DESC operations
  • Download the application here.
  • Download the Source Code here. (NetBeans Project)

Online Chess Club [Mini Project in 6th Semester]-

  • A web application which provides user management, playing online chess games, tracking the games played among other features developed using JSP and Ajax as part of the curriculum needs for 6th Semester Software Engineering project.
  • A Web 2.0 Application¬†


  • Desktop application which uses Kiva APIs as the data source for getting different details and uses JavaFX for front end.
  • Can also run as on Web- As an Applet.
  • More details can be found here.

CalendarFX [Developed as part of a month long internship at Sun Microsystems]-

  • A nifty client for Google Calendar written in JavaFX provides most of the features in a 240*320 sized application.
  • Suited for use as an widget- Applet
  • More details can be found here.¬†

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