Sanat Sarangi, Ph.D.
Scientist, Digital Farming Initiatives (mKRISHI)

TCS Innovation Labs - Mumbai
Research & Innovation Group (web)
Tata Consultancy Services

Work Outline:
Dr. Sanat Sarangi is with the Research & Innovation Group at TCS. He is a computer scientist who likes to introduce technological interventions and architect systems to bring about a digital transformation with far reaching effects. As a passionate FOSSH (Free and Open Source Software and Hardware) enthusiast and a great fan of frugal innovation, he is currently trying to impact the Agriculture sector. This work broadly involves improving the life and livelihood of the farmer and organizing the farming sector to make it self-sustainable. He takes keen interest and has developed systems in Health as well.

Sanat's doctoral work at IIT Delhi involved addressing
theoretical and practical research issues in sensor networks and Internet of Things (IoT). He developed Rapid Application Deployment (RAD) frameworks for large scale sensor networks which included development of evolving efficient localization and routing algorithms, power-efficient protocol stacks, and scalable architectures for storage and processing of back-end data for analytics.  The outcomes were used in four research projects at IIT Delhi and with other leading research groups in other IITs and Universities in the UK. He created the Wisekar IoT Repository and co-founded the SenseCan Research Group during this period.

Sanat has served on the editorial board of International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks (IJDSN) and as Technical Editor of the Indian Journal of Medical Informatics (IJMI). He is a member of IEEE and IAMI, and has served as a reviewer for numerous conferences and journals. Earlier, Sanat
was with the Telecom & Product Engineering division of Wipro Technologies. For commendable performance in the training, he was invited to write a blog to motivate freshers who join Wipro.  Work apart, Sanat spends his time reading,  listening to music or engaging in a sport. He also has a personal blog where he writes occasionally.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." Alan Kay