Welcome to San Antonio Mapco Titans Baseball

Based in San Antonio, the San Antonio Mapco Titans are part of the Centex Collegiate Baseball League*, headed by Coach West Warren.  West is also the Commissioner of the CCBL.

Road Trip Takes Its Toll on the Titans - 2-9 (L) to Katy.

This Week's Schedule - Check Back Regularly for Makeups to be Posted

7/2  - THURSDAY - 7:30 v. Shockers at Round Rock Stony Point HS (Directions are in the sidebar) - WHEELS UP FROM COACH'S HOUSE AT 4:30.
7/4 - SATURDAY - 1:00, 4:00 v. Action at AHHS

Stats have been posted through 6/28

RECORD - 10-4

San Antonio Titans -  2014 CCBL Champs

*The Centex Collegiate Baseball League - http://www.centexbaseballleague.com/