Sky City 1000










Sky City 1000 strategic positioning it as a city, although at first sight - it's just a big skyscraper.

The height of the tower is 1 kilometer, where the diameter at the base of 400 meters and 160 meters - the top.

All floors of buildings grouped into 14 blocks on 14 floors. Each block is a concave bowl, at the "bottom" which the recreation area with live trees and no less "alive" ponds.

Between the blocks there are significant clearance. They serve a dual function. In addition to air access to the city parks they play the role of fire walls. Heads of each unit and walls are made of refractory materials.

In terms of each block is also divided into six sectors, among which the fire, on the idea, should not apply.

The natural lighting and open air creates a comfortable habitat for 36 thousand inhabitants.

Many of them here and work. In addition, the city every day will come 100 thousand workers and employees. And yet - tourists.

The total area inhabited Sky City is 800 hectares, which is consistent with the small town. At the parks and roads accounted for 240 hectares - more than a quarter of the total area.

But do not square, and its content. Heavenly city must provide its residents with all necessary for fulfilling life.


Location Tokyo, Japan
Status Vision
Use Mixed Use
Roof 1,000 Meters
Technical details
Floor count 196
Floor area 8 square kilometres
Architect N/A

Takenaka Corporation