Shimizu Mega-City Pyramid










Mega-City Pyramid - pyramidal city for 750 thousand people - wants to erect ever in Tokyo Bay Japanese Construction Corporation Shimizu. According to various data, the height of the pyramid is to establish approximately 700 to 2004 meters (Incidentally, another name for the project - TRY 2004). Although, according to Discovery Channel, actually did the first number. But it is not so important. Either way, Mega-City Pyramid will be several times higher than the Great Pyramids in Giza.

Different values can be caused by altitude as the various versions of the draft on time (more complex to implement and easier) and the fact that the pyramid city must rise above the water, with the bottom 36 - yu very high and massive concrete columns. Accordingly, the full height of buildings would be much more than that would be accessible eyes gaze.

Misunderstandings, however, could not shake the impression of the project interesting not only in print. At the spacious square kilometres pyramid can accommodate residential areas, offices, cultural centres and all other infrastructure, inherent to a normal city. Only on population density, the pyramid will exceed normal city - at the expense of significant expansion upwards.

If this super pyramid will be built - it will become the largest artificial construction of the planet. But that size. Unlike many mega-cities of buildings (for example, can remember the Japanese Sky City 1000 in the height kilometer), the pyramid is not one large building, but actually the city.

Its streets should be a huge pipe connecting nodes in the ball. Inside inclined pipes - elevators and escalators, and in the horizontal - running track. So nodes will not only compound the structure as a solid system, but will also transportation stations.

Inside the same city must seat buildings and skyscrapers as is customary - a rectangular form, and in the guise of pyramids. And they must be inside bearing structures are suspended on cables from carbon nanotubes (immediately recall unrealistic, but welcome, a space elevator).

Obviously, such a system must amortize Earthquake shocks. Also, the entire carcass is a resistance to hurricanes and tsunamis. And though some walls of buildings can be damaged during natural disasters - all pyramid as a whole will maintain sustainability.

Throughout the city bearing structure can be presented in the form of 55 pyramids (drawn together in five segments; for another option, the pyramids will be even higher, and layers - eight). Each of the pyramids will significantly exceed the scope of the famous pyramid-shaped Luxor hotel-casino in Las Vegas (106 - meter building made of black glass, Slavs, by the way, the world's largest atrium).

Taken together, these pyramids reminiscent of the type of atomic lattice. They form a majestic three-dimensional framework within which even be able to fly helicopters. If they dare pilots.

Interestingly, as basic building elements of the pyramidal frame Japanese engineers suggested using giant tubes made on the basis of heavy-duty and light material, compiled, in turn, from carbon nanotubes.

Such tissue could to trudge huge robot-spider, crawl on tight ropes and reserves the skeleton carrier system - developers dream of Mega-City Pyramid. Too shocked at first glance. But who knows whether this would not be a reality in 20 years.

However, the Italian architect Dante N. Bini and his company BiniSystems offer for the city Hanging own concept erection carcass, which envisages the creation of temporary inflatable spheres as a convenience for towers mounted giant pipes. In any case, engineers initially involve erect lattice pyramid, and then collect the individual within it the city skyscrapers.

How would feel comfortable its inhabitants - one can only guess. After all the usual open spaces and streets will not be there: only building with soaring transport grid of pipes, ultimately, connecting the city-pyramid with the "big land". Of course, there could still green roofs and arrange many atriums-gardens. Still, people who grew up in a pyramid, will be very different eyes to look at ordinary city.

Here you need to add that the city should be fitted with solar panels, wind power and other "green" elements. Here also conceived a system of automatic unmanned capsules taxi moving inside the same pipe. Overall, its inhabitants can be justifiably proud of one of the most unusual places of residence on Earth ...

If only technologists ever architects provide sufficient strength materials. Indeed, the total weight of dozens of monstrous skyscrapers, set inside a giant lattice pyramid frame will not leave the city no chance of life, far-fetched builders comply with the last of steel.

On the other hand, if not without such large cities within the city, without similar structures are precisely through another dozen years-"Life" will not be for the residents of Tokyo.