Holonic Tower










Holonic Tower - the height of the tower 600 meters. Construction claims the role of small town with residential quarters, offices, schools, restaurants, cinemas, exhibitions and so on.

Underlying the entire structure - four towers located on the square corners. Inside the towers are located all the major premises of the city.

There are also floors-bridges connecting the towers among themselves. But they do not occupy the entire perimeter of "square", and leave large openings for air and light.

All core facilities, thus, mostly emptiness. Here is the height at intervals of 150 meters mounted an open platform, named sponsors Sky Terminal.

Residents here will be 5 thousand, and workers - 30 thousand.

The sponsors believe that such facilities can be built in an area already in 2010. And when they use the best materials - vertical city must stand at least 500 years.

Architects and engineers Takenaka Corporation believes that such facilities will not simply be a new step in the technique, but also affect social order.

Habitat in this city, with rare "incursions" outwards, inevitably creates a certain subculture, largely closed and independent. Identity, one can say.

Do not take judge - good or bad. But actually the same thing happening to remote areas of a city, to split on-dozen other, and sometimes hundreds of kilometres.

Can lamented that the desire of cities up not quite rationally - even on Earth mass undeveloped area.

Letbetter and you will not say that is cheaper to build - an extensive network of roads between several towns low or high skyscraper kilometer. But could well be the first.

However to technical reasons the macroeconomic always is added, the desire of businesses to concentration, and god knows yet what causes pushing the world towards urbanization.

Fact: an increasing proportion of people live in cities. Mega absorb neighboring localities. High buildings - symbols of technical and financial power - built around the world.

People grumble in occasion of an excited environment of huge cities. But increasingly move there in search of a better life. It seems that in the coming decades "stone jungle" does not dissolve in the woods, but simply grow up and stronger.

Let alone the "jungle" would be more green. As Hanging Gardens Semiramida XXI Century - the tower from Takenaka.

Location Tokyo, Japan
Status Vision
Use Mixed Use
Roof 600 m  1,968 ft
Technical details
Floor count 120
Floor area 680,000 m2
Architect N/A

Takenaka Corporation