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The tower got its name from the name of an American speak of New York State, which is called "imperial state". Name of the tower can also be translated as "House Empire", a project completed his architectural firm "Shriv, Lem and Harmon". The building was built simply with a speed unheard. The week built around four and a half floors, and in the most intensive period of 10 days were built 14 floors. When May 1, 1931 was officially inaugurated Empire State Building, the United States experienced an era of economic depression. Therefore, not far managed to pass all the facilities and the building was named Empty State Building. Ten years on, until all the premises finally been delivered.

Empire State Building is located on Fifth Avenue between West 33 - second and 34 - and streets.


102 floors in the building, its height - 381.3 meters. Along with the television tower, back-up in 50 - the deputy, he reaches the total height of 443 meters. The building weighs 331 000 tons, is built on two foundations and supported by a steel structure weighing 54 400 tonnes. He went ten million bricks and 700 kilometres of cable. The total area of windows - two hectares. Stairs has 1860 levels, where once a year held a competition for early recovery. In the office premises can accommodate 15 000 people, and elevators are able to carry one hour 10 000 people.

Since the skyscraper surrounded by various business buildings, the bottom completely fro. He performed in a modest but elegant Art Deco style. According to Stone gray facade up stretch stainless steel strips, and located the three upper floors have given way. Hall is within 30 metres length and height of three storeys. He panels decorated with images of the seven wonders of the world, only added to them and the eighth: the very Empire State Building. The hall Guinness Records collected information about unusual records and record. At 86 - and 102 meters - the first floor there is a viewing platform where we can very quickly get on the elevator. From there, overlooking the city, producing a particularly strong impression at night.


At first, the glory of a skyscraper was very sad, because he was very attractive place for suicide, the first occurred in 1933. In the same year for movie screens released "King Kong", in which it was on the roof of Empire State Building happened battle with the giant gorilla. The image of this building remains in the minds of millions of viewers: on the walls of his top raised monster, which many planes attacked from above.

In 1945, because of poor visibility, at 79 - the average floor crashed bomber B-25 "Mitchell". 14 people were killed, and damage amounted to one million dollars.

In 1979, Elvita Miss Adams decided to bring the life and scores jumped from 86 - first floor. But strong wind score Miss Adams back, and she finished only hip fractures.

Planned that by 102 - moo floor to moor airships will even have been built mooring mast, which survived to this day. But the strong flow of air around the building and disaster "Hindenburg" put the cross on this idea.

Empire State Building - not only the tallest building in the city, Manhattan business card and a symbol of American architecture, but also a platform for races. February 5, stairwells Empire State Building pass on the run competitions. Smartness and fearless runners cross 1576 levels buildings - from 1 to 86 floor - for several minutes. And while the legendary skyscraper ceased to be "the tallest building in the world", the test was still very debilitating.
Location 350 Fifth Avenue
New York, New York 10118


Status Complete
Constructed 1929–1931
Antenna/Spire 1,472 ft (448.7 m)
Roof 1,250 ft (381.0 m)
Top floor 1,224 ft (373.2 m)
Technical details
Floor count 102
Floor area 2,768,591 sq ft (257,000 m²) rentable (2007)
External: 2 acres (8,094 m²)
Cost $40,948,900
Architect Shreve, Lamb and Harmon
Contractor Starrett Brothers and Eken

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