CITIC Plaza - the building of China International Trade and Investment Company, CITIC) - 80 - storey skyscraper, located in the city of Guangzhou, China. The height of buildings, including two spire-like antenna, is 391 m. By the time construction is completed (1997) it was the tallest building in the world after New York and Chicago, as well as the tallest building in China and Asia. As of early 2007, it is the third highest structure in China after the Jin Mao in Shanghai and the International Finance Center in Hong Kong, the sixth in Asia and seventh in the world.

CITIC Tower is located in an area Tyanhe and is part of the same name, which also has two 38 - storeyed residential building. Near the tower of CITIC is a new building the station and a new subway station, as well as Tyanhe Sports Center, where six national games were held.


Like other tall buildings in China, these buildings are extensive criticism from the public. Such buildings are government exhibits and is not beneficial to the following reason:

The study showed: if the building above 300 meters, it will become uneconomic, because transaction costs will always exceed the profits.
The Chinese Government has listened to this criticism, but still decided to continue construction. Despite public demands to publish an account of profits and operating costs for the tower, the Government continues to refuse to do so, as well as to publish a report on the costs of construction and the measures taken to strengthen the building from possible earthquakes.
Location Guangzhou, People's Republic of China
Status Complete
Constructed 1997
Use office
Antenna/Spire 391.1 m
Roof 321.9 m
Top floor 297.0 m
Technical details
Floor count 80
Elevator count 36
Architect Dennis Lau & Ng Chun Man Architects & Engineers (HK) Ltd.