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Burj Dubai - the highest (from July 21, 2007) skyscraper in the world, reminiscent of the form stalagmite, which is scheduled to finish construction in September 2009, the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates - Dubai. By the end of construction it will be the highest structure in the world. The exact final height of buildings still unknown, but estimated at 818 metres (when the number of floors - more than 160).

Draft Building

Burj Dubai will become a city in the city - with their own lawns, boulevards and parks. The total cost of construction - about $ 4.1 billion The author - an American architect Adrian Smith, already has experience in designing such facilities (in particular, he participated in designing a skyscraper in China Jin Mao height of 420 m). As a general contractor building construction unit was selected the South Korean company Samsung, which had previously participated in the construction of Petronas twin towers-in Kuala Lumpur.

Burj Dubai will be a key element of the new business centre in Dubai. Inside the compound accommodate hotels, apartments, offices and shopping malls. According to the draft, at the lower 37 floors house a hotel and 700 luxury apartments will take on 45 floors with 108. Most areas will be under the office premises. The exception would be 123 and 124 floors, which will be located at the lobby area and lookout, respectively. A man tower, which will be erected above the main building will have, apart from a decorative function, and even communications, as will be equipped with the necessary telecommunications equipment.

Features of the building

The construction of a skyscraper began in 2004 and comes at a speed of 2-3 floors a week. At the moment, at its creation took about 320 thousand m³ of concrete and more than 60 thousand tons of steel fittings. Upon completion of 160 floors concrete works cease, and construction will be carried out from the metal structures. Fire system will allow the building to evacuate all its inhabitants for no more than 32 minutes.

The tower will be fully self-generate electricity for itself: it will be used 61 - metre turbine rotating wind, as well as an array of solar panels (partially located on the walls of the tower), with a total area of about 15 thousand m ². In addition, the building is equipped with special protection from the sun and reflective glass panels, which will reduce heat inside the premises (in Dubai are the temperature to 50 ° C), which reduces the need for air-conditioning systems. For air conditioning in the skyscraper used convection system, overtakes air upwards throughout the height of the tower, which will be used for cooling sea water and underground cooling modules. While that the air temperature in the building will be about +18 ° C.

The height of buildings

The project height

The final height of Burj Dubai is still kept secret for as long as possible retention record heights. However, documents contractors say that the most probable ultimate height of buildings will be 818 m, based on its size can speak on the expected number of inhabited floors - about 160.

Since the beginning of construction around the final height of a skyscraper, there are many rumours. Initially, that the draft tower height of 705 m will be modified draft Australian "Grollo Tower" (560 metres). Project managers say that the more height would be guaranteed 700 metres, that is the Burj Dubai after the completion of construction in any case would be the highest building on Earth. Some sources say 170 floors in the building. In September 2006, reported the ultimate height of 916 m, and then to 940 m.

Current height

In February 2007 the height of Burj Dubai surpassed the height of Sirs-Tower (443.2 meters).
July 21, 2007 the height of Burj Dubai surpassed the height of Taipei 101 (508 m).
By September 15, 2007 exceeded the height of the tower built to record the height of buildings standing alone, which until then for 31 years held Si-En Tower in Toronto, and amounted to 555.3 m.
As of October 24, 2007 height of 156 - floor reinforced concrete construction amounted to 585.7 m. The remaining 232 m will be erected at the expense of installing a steel spire.
In January 2008, the height of Burj Dubai already amounted to 589.5 meters
On February 5, 2008, the height of Burj Dubai stood at 604.9 meters, and completed 159 floors.
On April 8, 2008, the height of the tower reached a level of 630 meters above the earth's surface.
On April 19, 2008, Burj Dubai has reached a height of 636.9 meters, with 164 completed floors.

Records set by the building

Some of the records still not officially recognized by the tall buildings and the urban environment (because construction has not yet been completed):

  • building with the largest number of floors - 160 pieces. (previous record - 110 pieces. skyscrapers from the Sears Tower and the destroyed towers-twins);
  • the highest building - 611.3 m (previous record - 508 metres from the skyscraper Taipei 101);
  • highest single facility - 611.3 m (previous record - 553.3 metres from the tower Sears Tower);
  • the highest elevation injection mixture for concrete buildings - 601.0 m (previous record - 449.2 metres from a skyscraper Taipei 101);
  • the highest elevation injection concrete mixture for any structure - 601.0 m (previous record - 532 metres from the GES Riva del Garda);
  • In 2008, the height of Burj Dubai will exceed the height of the Warsaw towers (646 m), and the building will become the highest ground in the history of building construction.

Competition with other projects

Some construction "mega" before the end of building the Burj Dubai already claim to the title of "the highest buildings":

  • construction in 2007 with The Tower skyscraper height of about 1200 m (228 floors), which should be completed by 2012, 50 km from the Burj Dubai in the vicinity of Dubai-Uoterfront;


  • 200-storey skyscraper Muryan-Tower (English Murjan Tower) in Bahrain height of 1022 metres;
  • 1001-metre skyscraper Mubarak Al-Kabir Tower (en Burj Mubarak al-Kabir) in Kuwait;
  • 1600-metre "Milevoy skyscraper (en Mile-High Tower) in the city of Jeddah.

Status Under construction
Groundbreaking September 21, 2004
Estimated completion 2009
Opening September 2009 (est.)
Antenna/Spire ~818 m (2,684 ft)
Roof ~643.3 m (2,111 ft)
Top floor ~624.1 m (2,048 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 160
Floor area 334,000 m² (3,595,100 sq ft)
Architect Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
Bill Baker at SOM
Contractor Samsung
Developer Emaar