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Burj Al Arab - a luxury hotel in Dubai, the biggest city of the United Arab Emirates. The building faces the sea at a distance of 280 metres from the shore on an artificial island, connected to land with the help of the bridge. With a height of 321 meters, the building has recently lost its status of the highest hotel in the world, because in April 2008, here in Dubai, opened hotel tower height of 333 meters Roses.

Construction of the hotel began in 1994, he opened for visitors on December 1, 1999. The hotel was built in the form of sails before, the Arab ship. Toward the top helipad is located, and on the other hand - restaurant "Al-Muntaha" (Arabic highest), both supported by beams console.

In "Burj al-Arab" no ordinary room, it is divided into 202 double rooms. The smallest is 169, and the largest - 780 square meters. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Price per night range from 1000 to 15 000 dollars and the price at night Royal Suite - about 28 000. Information on how many funds has been spent on construction of the hotel shall not be disclosed.

In "Burj Al Arab" the highest atrium lobby in the world (180 meters).

Hotel characterized itself as seven, is characteristic hyperbole and an attempt to withdraw from the category of hotels, characterized itself as shestizvezdochnye. Formally, all the rating systems hotel maximum rank - 5 stars. According to the official site, "Burj Al Arab" - five deluxe.
The interior "Burj Al Arab" was used about 8000 square meters 22 - carat gold tinsel. All rooms are equipped with the latest technology and design, and offer the highest level of luxury and comfort. Highlight all the rooms - huge windows throughout the entire wall, overlooking the sea.
One of the hotel restaurants, "Al-Muntaha", is located at an altitude of 200 meters above the Persian Gulf, and from it overlooks the Dubai. The rise made it panoramic elevator.

Another restaurant, "Al-Mahara", in which visitors are brought on board, imitates the submarine, a huge aquarium with sea water capacity of more than a million litres. The walls are made of plexiglass tank (to reduce the magnifying effect) about 18 cm thick This restaurant on the assessment of the magazine Conde Nast Traveler Magazine named as one of the best restaurants worldwide.
Location Dubai, U.A.E.
Status Complete
Constructed 1994-1999
Use Hotel, Restaurant
Antenna/Spire 321 m (1,053 ft)
Roof 210 m (689 ft)
Top floor 200 m (656 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 60
Floor area 111,500 m²
(1,200,000 sq ft)
Elevator count 18

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