Baiyoke Tower II










The Baiyoke Tower II - is located in the central district of Bangkok - Ratchathewi, Thailand. The Baiyoke Tower II - the tallest building in the country. The building, from 22 to 74 floor 673 rooms Baiyoke Sky Hotel - the highest hotel in Southeast Asia and third in the world. At 77 floor is a public observatory. On the top floor - Review site (the first and only in Thailand rotating at 360 degrees roof).
  • Construction of a building has come to the end in 1997, and the aerial have completed in 1999.
  • In January 2002 five Norwegian parachuters have established a world record on BASE jumping, having jumped off with 81-st floor and having landed on a roof of nearby hotel Indra.
  • The height of the building - 309 meters, or approximately 182 man facing each other.
  • The first and last floors shared by 2060 stairs.
  • In 1740 the building of window panes, they would have sufficed for glazing 200 townhouses.
  • Wheel construction is going on 65 meters into the ground, the height of about 22 - story building.
  • The total area inside the building 179400 m ² or about 30 football fields.
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Status Complete
Constructed 1990-1997
Opening January 1998
Use Hotel
Antenna/Spire 328 m
Roof 304 m
Technical details
Floor count 85 aboveground
3 belowground
Floor area 179,400 m²
Elevator count 85