Al Faisaliyah Center










The Al Faisaliyah Center was the first skyscraper constructed in Saudi Arabia, and the second tallest building in the country after the Kingdom Centre. Immediately below it an outside viewing deck; at ground level, there is a shopping center with major world brands. The 4 corner beams of the al faisaliyah centre join at the top above a golden ball. The design is said to be based on that of a ballpoint pen. Inside the golden ball is a luxury restaurant. There is a clear view of Saudi Arabia's other skyscraper, the Kingdom Centre, from the Al Faisaliyah Center and the two buildings create a silhouetted skyline in the evening.

The tower was designed by UK based architects Foster and Partners and engineers Buro Happold.

The tower is part of a larger complex, the Al Faisaliyah Complex, which consists of a hotel, the tower, and two other buildings.

Location Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Status Complete
Constructed 1997 - 2000
Use Commercial
Roof 266.9 m (876 ft)
Top floor 195.0 m (640 ft)
Floor count 30
Architect Foster & Partners