San Murugesan

Consultant, Researcher, Academic, Corporate Trainer, and Author

Director, BRITE Professional Services
Adjunct Professor, Western Sydney University
Honorary Professor, Amity University UP
Editor in Chief, IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine
Member, IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Coordinating IEEE’s Response to Climate Change
Member, Board of Governors, IEEE Computer Society, 2022
Chair. Magazines Operations Committee, IEEE  Computer Society, 2022
Distinguished Speaker, ACM 2021-26
Distinguished Visitor, DVP, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-23
Former Editor in Chief, IEEE IT Professional
Sydney, Australia

San Murugesan is the director of BRITE Professional Services,  an adjunct professor at Western Sydney University, Australia, and former editor in chief for IEEE Computer Society's  IT Professional magazine.   He is a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium in the USA,  a former Senior Research Fellow of the US National Research Council at NASA Ames Research Center in California, and a consultant, corporate trainer, researcher, academic, and author.

Serving more than 40 years in industry and academia, Murugesan has lead successfully several innovative IT projects, provided leadership in research and development, and offered consultancy to businesses. His expertise and interests span a range of areas and include AI, cloud computing, Internet of Things, green IT, IT applications, intelligent automation, IT for Emerging Regions, Healthcare IT,  smart systems, and technology and society. 

Murugesan has developed and delivered multilevel certification and training programs on the Internet of Things,  Cloud Computing, and Green IT and gave several invited seminars and keynotes on a range of topics at professional meetings and conferences around the world.

He co-edited popular Wiley-IEEE CS books Encyclopedia of Cloud Computing (Wiley-IEEE, 2016, Chinese Edition 2018) and Harnessing Green IT: Principles and Practices (John Wiley, 2012; Chinese edition), both of which were translated into Chinese,  Web Engineering (Springer 2001) and edited Understanding and Implementing Green IT (IEEE Computer Society, 2011) and Handbook of Research on Web 2.0, 3.0, and X.0: Technologies, Business, and Social Applications (Information Science Reference, 2009).   He edited or co-edited several special issues of international journals on a range of topics:  Automation, AI, Next-Gen Computing Paradigms, the Web: The Next 25 Years, IoT Data Management and Analytics, Software Infrastructure Management Strategies, Healthcare IT, Cloud Computing, Green IT, Mobile computing, Future of Web Applications, IT for Emerging Markets and others. He has authored over 200 publications.

He is editor in chief of IEEE Intelligent Systems and a former Editor of IEEE Computer magazine and edited the Cloud Cover” department for Computer magazine. Currently, he is an Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing and serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Banking and Finance Technology and Web Engineering, and the editorial advisory boards of IEEE IT Professional magazine and IEEE The Institute.  He served on various review and advisory committees and editorial boards, including IEEE CS Computing Now Advisory Board, Digital Library Committee, and Magazines Operations Committee.  

Murugesan is a Member of the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Coordinating IEEE’s Response to Climate Change (2023) and co-chair of the COMPSAC Symposium on IT in Practice (ITiP) series since 2016 and the COMPSAC AIML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Workshop series since 2018. He is the founding Chair of the newly formed IT in Practice IEEE CS Special Technical Community (STC) and a member of the IEEE CS Industry Engagement Committee (IEC), 2020-22. He is a former member of the Board of Governors, IEEE Computer Society (2022), and Chair of the IEEE CS Magazines Operations Committee (2022).

He is a Distinguished Speaker of the ACM (2021-26) and a Distinguished Visitor of IEEE Computer Society since 1994. He is a member of The MIT Technology Review Global Panel.

He is a senior consultant at Arthur D. Little (ADL) and Cutter Consortium, USA. He serves on the Advisory Board of Internet Society (ISoc), Hyderabad Chapter.

Murugesan served in various senior positions including Director of Research and Head of Computing Department at Southern Cross University and the University of Western Sydney, both in Australia, Director and Professor of Graduate Management Program at Multimedia University in Malaysia, and Deputy Division Head and Project Engineer at the Indian Space Research Organization, Bangalore, India.  He has held visiting positions at the City University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong and Concordia University in Canada. He holds a Doctorate (PhD), Master in Technology, and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees.

He also is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, IETE, and IICA, a Golden Core Member and Distinguished Contributor (charter member) of the IEEE Computer Society, and a Life Member of IEEE. In recognition of his “distinguished and valuable service, commitment to excellence, and significant wide-ranging contributions to the Computer Society,” he is awarded the Computer Society’s second-highest service award: the Distinguished Service Certificate.  Currently, he is Chair of the IEEE NSW Section Computer Society chapter. 


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