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Sammy Zherka was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, in 1968, to Albanian immigrants fleeing repression from the communist dictatorial regime in power at the time. He credits his parents for imparting strong, principled examples to him, having witnessed them work hard to raise eight children. 

Sammy began working at the age of 11 as a dishwasher at Sal’s Pizza in 206th Street at the Bronx. He began selling real estate at the age of 17 and continued cultivating amicable partnerships with lenders and other financial partners throughout his career. His keen ability to tap upside potentials through renovations, capital improvements, and life enhancing amenities has been instrumental to his success.

Because of his background, he has cultivated a strong sense of work ethic and trust.  He is a proud son, husband, and father to 8 children, including six-year-old quadruplets.