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Oh, I know!  I'll make my SSH authorized keys file available for easy download.  And let's link to my oh-so-old-school XFace image.  And my FOAF file (as generated by the foaf-a-matic).

It's "Auto-magical"

Google automatically creates a couple of XML files for anyone's Googlepage.

Site Navigation Menu

You've probably noticed the site navigation menu over on the side of the page. It is constructed by editing the html on each page to look like this (following the instructions I found here):

<h2>Site Navigation Menu</h2>
<iframe src="menu.html" width="100%" frameborder="0" height="250"></iframe>

Maintaining the menu by hand is a huge waste of time, so I have a Perl script that converts my site manager page into the menu.html file, and I have another script that both downloads the site manager page and uploads arbitrary files.  So, every time I add or delete a page, I just need to run these two commands:

> perl --mk-menu | perl >menu.html
> perl menu.html

As a bonus, the menu file includes a script to turn on the RSS feed indicator in the address bar.

Site Navigation Menu