Contemporary and Classical Guitar

Performing pieces by Villa-Lobos, Barrios, Albeniz, Tarrega, Manuel de Falla and Turina. These are the pieces that caught my attention in the hands of Andre Segovia and Julian Bream, in playing these pieces I play homage to their tradition.

The perfect entertainment for a short and intense listen or for a longer background atmosphere indoors or out.

If you book a concert then an incisive and emotionally rich set awaits you.

The set list comprises up to 2 hours of music originating across five centuries Including works by J.S. Bach, L Weiss, D. Scarlatti and others.

Also on the menu are a set of my own 21st century inventions that weave musically diverse influences from 'sequential' to 'world' with a fusion of folk, jazz and classical styles.

Sam Welbourne is an intuitive guitarist who performs entirely by heart and brings forth some great works of the past with real heart and vigour. He works amongst a community of performers as a producer and can therefore make many suggestions for compatible artists.

The Nought Principle is a set of 18 inventions for contemporary classical guitar. The ideas have grown across twenty years and are expressed here with occasional solo.

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My first classical album called "On the Levels" from 2013, is available on CD and contains key pieces from the set including works by Bach, Weiss, Villa-Lobos, Tarrega and others.


I bring my own stage microphone and chair.

Please allow a minimum of 15 minutes for me to set up.

For the most exacting concert audience I can provide digital microphones for optimum quality.

Setup time is longer in this circumstance.

Sam Welbourne

07421 067723

Glastonbury, Somerset, England, UK.