Welcome, my name is Samuel Wilson and I am an aspiring student researcher from the New York Harbor School. This is an online blog of the different species of plankton that my partner( Stefanos Kalogrias) and I have sampled, observed and documented from the New York Harbor. We began conducting our research in the fall of 2012 with the hopes of finding a correlation between plankton species diversity and seasonal changes. Through the course of approximately 1 year of researching, omitting school breaks (summer, holidays, spring breaks etc.), we were able to find a vast amount of plankton. Mostly consisting of one or two common species but sometimes we would find a few rarer species. All of these documented and classified in this website. Along with a resume, plankton monograph PDF and a visual online monograph we hope that you find this website very useful to whomever seems interested in this field of research,

For any questions and concerns feel free to contact me at samuelwilsonmarinebio@gmail.com

                                                                                           Pier 101 Site Of Sampling                                          

                                                                        Nauplius Barnacle under a compound microscope.