Samuel Otten is a musician and composer currently based in Columbia, MO. He is originally from the upper peninsula of Michigan where he began his professional music career, originally working with Emmy-Award winning composer Craig T. Day to produce his first album. Since then, Sam has produced two more full-length albums (see discography).

His most recent work is a soundtrack album called The Illustrated Man that provides companion music for the short stories written by Ray Bradbury. Read more about The Illustrated Man and the connections between the music and the stories by clicking here.

Sam's music can be purchased on ebay.

You can also listen to some of Sam's music.

Trailer for The Illustrated Man

Performing Experience

  • 100+ performances at nursing homes (with Dale Bergman)
  • 100+ church services
  • 40+ weddings
  • 30+ accompanying performances for soloists
  • 30+ accompanying performances for ensembles
  • 10+ solo concert performances
  • 10+ dinner/event background performances

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