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Adam and Eve were not the first people Two Become One part 1 Pastor Arnold Murray

posted Oct 29, 2011, 4:44 PM by Mike Ruter   [ updated Oct 30, 2011, 12:08 AM ]
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  • @gdchappy - If the original message is lost in translation, is it not wise to check to see what it meant or was suppose to mean? Check out the sources when he says he checks, then Google it, or use a Strongs concordance or a companion bible. The original meanings in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek do not always translate perfectly plus a lot of bibles have been translated to hide the truth with the power of the Kennites who love to become scribes... Berean's check and chapter by chapter you see it!

    OMEGACUBE 1 second ago
  • Notice how he has to constantly go back to the manuscripts, then he becomes the final authority and not the word of God. Watch out brothers and sisters, lots of false teachers out there.

    gdchappy 2 days ago

    the so called holy books tell between the lines a great deal of the fears and goals of the real manipulators.
  • Gods Of Eden


    vomit55 2 days ago
  • For all of the secrets that now a day all world's religious brains struggle, debate and can't answer; and you deserve to be explain,140 years ago Baha'i faith had the definite well documented logical and scientifically well explained answers.

    It's up to you to research. If you need any specific information please contact me.

    AdamEnosh 1 week ago
  • The people before Adam and Eve were beings that we have no idea what they looked like. After the cataclysm of the Earth between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 these beings were destroyed by Satan and 1/3 of the angels kicked out of heaven -- these beings were disembodied spirits formally known as demons.

    CosmicGrounds 2 months ago
  • Ok,say this teaching was true from the beginning,for the sake of argument,what happen after the flood,didn't all people come from Noah and his sons,now explain that Adam stuff from there,I bet you won't,because you can't...can we all say false teaching.

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • @twor4u - No you cant say false teaching... God said to take two of every flesh, which was two of every race of people.

    The false traditions of man, that teach the translated versions vs knowing the original meanings of the words they are talking about. Judge this man that is doing all he can to open your mind or watch more and all your answers will come.This is the only pastor on earth that I have not caught in a lie or false teaching. The key is going back to greek, aramic, hebrew meanings

    OMEGACUBE 2 months ago
  • @OMEGACUBE I've persoally have never seen that vers,two of every race;tell everyone where you seen such,this guy is trying to plug in his ideology where ever possible,and if you haven caught him in a lie,it's only because you are of the blind being lead by the blind,it is obvious that ALL" RACES" came from the loins of a original/socalled black man,and he was created from the EARTH" himself by THE CREATOR"of everyone, and ALL" things,so don't be so easily seduced.

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • @twor4u - Its not a certain version... Its taking the king james and going back to the original words or meanings. If you think that adam and eve were the first two people that made all the races from one mom and dad, its pretty easy to think it can happen again with noah... but... come on... All the races of people were made on the 6th day of creation. Then God rested, then he looked for a husbandmen... so he made adam. that is the line of Jesus. Two of every flesh is two of every kind alive

    OMEGACUBE 2 months ago
  • @OMEGACUBE Ok let me make this real easy 4 u,so that even these snakes cann't slither thru,dose it not say that Noah,and his sons repopulated the WHOLE EARTH",and it goes on to give you the GENEOLOGY" of their descendants...some was called GENTILES",and others the CHILDREN"of EBER",so tell me,where did these other socalled people or races,these men speaks of come from..I'LL tell you out of their own minds...WAKE UP!Conmen are good at their trade,SO STOP BEING FOOLED!!!

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • @twor4u - Gentiles = nations = races

    OMEGACUBE 2 months ago
  • @OMEGACUBE At one point they wasn't even defferant races,but defferent family groups that became defferent people/races/Nations.

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • Respond to this video... He tells you the exact verses and if you have the companion bible and strongs concordance its easier, or search the web for the words he highlights and read the meanings and check to see if he is wrong. Everytime I have checked him since 2007 I have found out he was right and all the pastors I trusted were wrong. It blew my mind, and I decided to keep studying. The truth is so much easier to accept than the traditions of man that make void the power of YHVH

    OMEGACUBE 2 months ago
  • @OMEGACUBE Please it is clear that their was 2 of each kinds of unclean ANIMALS" not HUMAN"taken aboard the ark,and 7 kind of clean ANIMALS"the word HU-MAN" is the same as COLOR MAN" not the opposite so stop believing these men and their suttle racist teachings,just because they utilizes the word LOVE" to lower your defences,so that they can slide right in with this type of nonsense,they themselves may even believe this stuff thru brainwashing or,just wishful thinking.

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • Boy this guy is trying to force fit his ideology,their no fool like an old fool!

    twor4u 3 months ago
  • @twor4u - So you believe all races of people came from two white people that ate an apple?

    OMEGACUBE 3 months ago
  • @OMEGACUBE Absolutely NOT! All came from people of COLOR" that disobeyed the instructions of the CREATOR" OF HEAVEN AND EARTH".

    twor4u 2 months ago
  • *facepalm* I'm sorry. I just don't understand how people can read an ancient text written by ignorant (not their fault) MEN (not women!) and believe that it has relevance in today's world. Help me understand why the Bible has any more relevance to the world than the Koran, the Torah, or in fact, the bloody Epic of Gilgamesh.

    I live by one rule: Be Excellent To Each Other. I hope that Pastor Murray is excellent to everyone he comes into contact with.

    simpleutopia 3 months ago
  • @simpleutopia - Very close... Jesus said to live by two rules. Love YHVH (I am that I am) more than yourself and love your neighbors (I think he meant everyone else) more than yourself. All the law will be fulfilled if you do these two things. So it looks like you are half way there. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Be Excellent to each other is a very good place to start. FYI - God said he wrote the book so when it comes true we would know it was him that wrote it from outside of time.

    OMEGACUBE 3 months ago
  • @simpleutopia - and yes, I would bet all I have that Pastor Arnold is always Excellent to everyone he comes into contact with... He just reads and interprets the word to the best of his ability for all the world that cares to hear. Good luck on your search!

    OMEGACUBE 3 months ago
  • Acts 17:26 And hath made of ONE BLOOD ALL NATIONS OF MEN, for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the boounds of their habitation:

    benjamite144 3 months ago
  • Its amazing how the christian church can take something so simple, and easy to understand, and turn it into a philosophy lesson. WAKE UP! no where in the bible does it say to read it chapter by chapter or verse by verse. But it does say this.. Isaiah 28:10 For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept, line upon line, line upon line, HERE A LITTLE, AND THERE A LITTLE

    benjamite144 3 months ago
  • cool thanks for uploading

    cindyluver2 4 months ago
  • God created a man, that is the outer portion, Adam was the inner portion. it is One man. Adam had flesh and bone, not flesh and blood[gen 2:24] He was made of the dust of the ground, outside of the garden of Eden, there was no dust inside the garden. So this man and God breathed Adam into man, so basically Adam wore a human suit

    Musicbychuckjvl 4 months ago
  • And this is why the "sons of Elohim came into the doughters of men."

    This is why YHWH exterminated these mixed up bloodlines.

    Only one seed if holy and special to YHWH.

    In fact all of YhWH's children who mixed their blood were either damned, cursed or wiped out. Mixing the creators creation is not upto the creation. We are His creation. We are not to mix with our blood.

    Saxon, in hebrew means.. "SONS OF ISAAC"

    Catholic means "12 Tribes of Israel"


    mrtruthify 5 months ago
  • @mrtruthify - So do you think that the Catholic Church lead by the Pope has Replaced the House of Israel and the Twelve Tribes of Jacob?

    OMEGACUBE 5 months ago
  • @mrtruthify "Catholic means "12 Tribes of Israel"" I am sorry brother bud Catholic means universal church

    stormpoet76 4 months ago