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Newsletter  50 November 2017

RCM Digital Exhibition; Recordings; Chineke!; Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson

Newsletter 49 September 2017

Performances and other news; 1902 reviews of SC-T; SC-T in Croydon 1908; SC-T 1909-1912; Coulsdon Choralists Sing The Song of Hiawatha 1919; SC-T Choral Society Plymouth 1920s; Talk on SC-T and Hurlstone 1929

Newsletter 48 June 2017
The African Musical Diaspora; The Transformation of Black music; Coleridge downloadable scores; news

Newsletter 47 March 2017
Diary and news

Newsletter 46 January 2017
Kathleen Easmon and The Stars
Coleridge’s Influence on W. E. B. de Bois & 1920s Black America
Thou art Arisen – My Beloved
Appendix: Listing of Youtube videos of performances of SC-T

Newsletter 45 November 2016

New Interpretation of Deep River
William Chapman Nyaho and Coleridge
Coleridge and the BBC
Song of Hiawatha
Coleridge At Australian Music Conference
Demande and Response in Apartheid South Africa
Hiawatha in the First World War
Talks about Coleridge-Taylor … and more
Coleridge’s Friends the Thrifts
Black Classics For Kids
Singing Dunbar Poems in the States

Newsletter 44 August 2016
Showcasing songs; 
BBC Radio 3 -  Black and BME Composers in October
SC-T in the United States
Miscellaneous News
S-CT’S life and music at Croydon’s Libraries
Coulsdon Choral Society Concert 1929
Newsletter 43 May 2016
Black Chronicles Exhibition
Shakespeare and Coleridge-Taylor
Coleridge on CD and Internet.
Newsletter 42 February 2016
Concert and CD News
Other News
SC-T and Croydon’s Music Scene

Newsletter 41 September 2015

Events and News
Selhurst’s Forgotten History
Kenneth Alwyn’s autobiography
Mattie Lawrence/Thrift

Newsletter 40 May 2015

Editorial: Croydon Needs a Soul
S-CT’s homes in Selhurst: history walk
Longfellow Chorus’s film on SC-T
‘A City Needs a Soul’ by Daniel Labonne

Newsletter 39 April  2015

SC-T and Civil Rights

SC-T in US and Canadian Black History Month

SC-T recordings etc on the web

Miscellaneous notes

A Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Concert 

Newsletter 38 January 2015

Concert 26 January
Loudin, Marion Lawrence and Coleridge-Taylor
The imaginary African: music, identity, and race by Nicholas Cook

Newsletter 37 October 2014

October events
SC-T and Croydon Music Heritage
SC-T in America 1910

Newsletter 36 June 2014
John Archer
Some SC-T Performances in Battersea 1915-1923
News and Information
J. Rosamond Johnson 

Newsletter 35 May 2014 
Coleridge-Taylor and the absence of “Africa” (Jeffrey Green)

Newsletter 34 April 2014
 Events: News
 SC-T Film at Boston

Newsletter 33 March 2014 contains:
Coleridge-Taylor and Croydon Heritage Festival
Deep River
Coleridge-Taylor and Boston
Coleridge-Taylor is a little warmer
Leonard Slatkin assess the influence of black musicians in classical music
Performances in the United States
The Man who could be Coleridge-Taylor
First World War Performance
The Genesis of Longfellow’s Hiawatha;
'Prejudice and Aloofness’: Race, Class, Bigotry and Coleridge-Taylor by Jeffrey Green

Newsletter 32 December 2013 contains:
A Christmas Day Feast with Coleridge-Taylor
The Epiphany - a Poem for Christmas from the Past
Interview with Adetokumboh M’Cormack

Newsletter 31 November 2013 contains:
News & Information
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Crystal Palace
On Discovering Samuel Coleridge-Taylor! =- Jonathan Butcher

Newsletter 30 October 2013 contains:
 Waka Hasegawa Concert flier 17 October
News and Information
The Violin Concerto,  Charles Kaufmann
Coleridge and America, by Charles Kaufmann
Longfellow and the Music of the Bengali Renaissance, by Charles Kaufmann
The Orchestra of the Longfellow Chorus Plays Overture to Hiawatha, by Charles Kaufman
Born at Theobolds Rd, Holborn, by Jeff Green
‘One of My Best Friends’ – Michel Zacharewitsch and Coleridge-Taylor, by Jeff Gree
Documenting Dr John  Alcindor (1873-1924), Friend of the Coleridge-Taylors, by Jeff Green
The Black Mahler, by Jeff Green

Newsletter 29 August 2013 contains:
Waka Hasegawa and Coleridge-Taylor’s Piano Music
Recordings of Coleridge-Taylor’s music made during his lifetime by Rainer E. Lotz.

Newsletter 28 July 2013 contains:
News & Information
Coleridge’s Birthplace – 15 Theobolds Rd, London
Henry Wendon in Hiawatha
Poem by Raoul Dero
The In Dahomey Sensation by Jeffrey Green

Newsletter 27 June 2013 contains:
Two Commemorations to Coleridge-Taylor
News From America
SC-T, Black Artists and the SSO
Black Artists in London 1910

Newsletter 26 May 2013 contains:
News and Information;
Nubian Jak Starts London Schools Remembrance Project
Longfellow Chorus Festival 2013
Longfellow, Hiawatha and the Fugitive Slave Act
SC-T’s Setting Of Dunbar’s Corn Song
Coleridge-Taylor and Indians
Jeffrey Green on the Black Presence in Edwardian Britain.

Newsletter 25 March 2013 contains:

Longfellow Chorus Festival 13-17 March

Longfellow & Britain

Don’t Be Weary Traveller

She Dwells by Great Kenhawa’s Side

SC-T on You Tube.

Newsletter 24 February 2013 contains:
Some Feedback Comments
Appreciating SC-T in Weston-Super-Mare
Lionel Harrison Recalls Conducting Hiawatha in Essex in 1977
Kenneth Alwyn on a Life with SC-T
Stephen Harrow’s Welcome at the Plaque Ceremony

Newsletter 23 January 2013 contains:
Festival closes with successful plaque unveiling and reception
Jonathan Butcher's speech at plaque unveiling
A Christmas Day feast with Coleridge-Taylor
What Next?

Newsletter 22 December 2012 contains:
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Gala Concert Programme Notes

Newsletter 21 November 2012 contains:
SC-T November Events
News & Information
“Devoted daughter” - Avril Coleridge-Taylor & Her Father
Avril C-T and Sir Arthur Bliss
Jeffrey Green on Frederick Jeremiah Loudin’s Influence on Coleridge-Taylor
Newsletter Contents
Newsletter 20 October 2012 contains:
Plaque Appeal
Jeffrey Green on Coleridge-Taylor Celebrations in the USA and Coleridge-Taylor and the Absence of ‘Africa’
Newsletter 19 October 2012 contains:

Highlighted Events

Other Events


News from the United States

SC-T and the Johnsons

Book, Newspaper and Journal Extracts about SC-T

Will Hutchinson on the SC-T Pilgrimage 1 September

Newsletter 18 September 2012 contains:


Fred Scott on Song for the World. The story of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor

News and Information

Jeff Green on Alice, the composer’s mother

John Pugh on SC-T’s birthplace: Theobalds Rd.

Newsletter 17 September 2012 contains
Previous  Black Musicians in Europe
SC-T & The Musicians’ Church – St Sepulchure without Newgate;
Aldwick, 6 St. Leonards Rd, Croydon
Bene Dixon and Coleridge-Taylor
The Croydon Minister Evensong  Address Given by Stephen Harrow
Newsletter 16 September 2012 contains:
1 September Picnic Pilgrimage
SC-T’s Death – Some Newspaper Reportage
Notes on SC-T
Longfellow Chrous Update
SC-T on the Web
What was known publicly about SC-T during his lifetime?
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Duse Mohamed (Ali)
Duse Mohamed (Ali).    
Newsletter 15 August 2012 contains:
The Crystal Palace – A Fading Entertainment Centre
Ellen and John Jackson, The Composer’s Friends
The Role of Women in British Music in the 1890s
SC-T Documentary Needs Financial Support
Newsletter 14 July 2012 contains:
SC-T to be BBC 3 Composer of the Week
Oliver Davies on SC-T
William Hurlstone
News re-SC-T in the USA
SC-T’S Music – What are the Opus numbers?
SC-T and roller skating
Programme notes for 17 July Concert
Newsletter 13 June 2012 contains:
News & Information
Carl Stoeckel and Ellen Battell, Patrons of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor
SC-T’s Legacy
African Connections in the Wandsworth and Battersea Area
Newsletter 12 May 2012 contains:
Zara’s Ear-rings
1902 Assessment of SC-T’s Music
News & Information
SC-T Historical Notes
Longfellow, Anti-Slavery and Arthur Burns
Notes of Interest Re-Hiawatha
Recordings and Scores of SC-T Music
Fisk Jubilee Singers
BBC Empire Service 1953
The Mystery Girl in Selhurst
Liberia and Coleridge-Taylor
Newsletter 11 April 2012 contains:
Next Events
Call Mr Robeson
News & Information
Evelyn Dove Sings SC-T
BBC Broadcasts 1923-1987
SC-T and Africa: 1897
The Musical Times and Berwick- Sayers 1915 Biography.
Newsletter 10 March 2012 contains:
It's not too late to book
News Round-up
Kathleen Easmon
Newsletter 9 March 2012 contains:
Editorial: A Roundup of Developments
Events 23 March, 3 & 28 April
Reviews of Thelma
SC-T at Black Cultural Archives


Newsletter 8 February 2012 contains:

World Premiere of Thelma; Coverage on Thelma

Diary; Other News & Information; News from the USA

Will BBC include SC-T in its Southbank Partnership Classical Music Festival?

Performing SC-T near Croydon 1937 & 1938

Young Musician Invited to Play at Ronnie Scott’s


Newsletter 7 February 2012 contains:

Last Big Push for Thelma

John Law Trio

Young Croydon Musicians Deliver on 31 January

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor 100PM Collective

Publicity News, News,

Performing Coleridge-Taylor’s Variations by Joseph Spooner


Newsletter 6 January 2012 contains:

Successful Launch of Croydon Festival

Jeffrey Green Talk & Recital 18 January


New Events News

Thelma from Page to Stage - Christopher Cowell, Director of Surrey Opera’s Thelma production


Newsletter 5 January 2012 contains:

Croydon Festival Programme

Launch of Croydon SC-T FestivaL

2012 Diary of Events

SC-T History Notes & Activity News


Newsletter 4 May 2011 contains

Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, A Musical Life. New Book by Jeffrey Green; SC-T Events Diary

Past SC-T Events; SC-T Photos on the Web

SC-T Music Played on Web; SC-T Related Items on Web

The Value of Money in Coleridge-Taylor’s Time by Jeffrey Green

Combining Culture with the Pleasure of Dressing Up: Hiawatha in London in the 1940s and

1950s, by Jeffrey Green

The National Anthem of Sierra Leone, by Jeffrey Green


Newsletter 3 October 2010 contains:

Jeff Green on:
- SCT and Booker. T. Washington
- SC-T and the Handel Society
- SC-T's Choice of Poets
- A Letter C-T - in Birmingham
-The Littlehampton Philarmonic Society 1909 - An Insight into SC-T's audiences
Peter Freshwater on Averil Coleridge-Taylor's Letters to Ronald Stevenson
News, Recent Performances, Appreciations, Recordings and Scores, Archive and web resources
Notes on Arthur Dulay and the SC-T-Busoni Connection; SC-T and the Croydon Conservertoire, Berwick-Sayers, SC-T and Family
Newsletter 2 March 2010; contents include:
Jeff Green on Research Problems, C-T Resources at the British Library, A 1930 Legal Dispute,
Jeff Green: Did C-T Benefit from Patronage
Notes on SC-T and Resorts, W.C. Handy on SC-T, SC-T on the BBC 1930
Assessments of SC-T: 1946 and Modern
SC-T and Sunderland
Avril Coleridge-Taylor
Newsletter 1 December 2009 contains
Details of SC-T on the web
Books and Articles on SC-T
SC-T in Who's Who 1905
Notes on: C-T and Wales, 24 Ngero Melodies, Performances 1911-12, the Royal Choral Society and Hiawatha, C-T between the Wars
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